What this blog is focused on

This blog circles around my present art practice.  After a long time of trying to avoid it for fears that I’d never make money at it, that I’d lose my eyesight, that I’d develop tremors, you name it…I’ve pushed myself into taking art classes.  This is with a serious intent of refining my skill, and the someday-one-day-hope of becoming a Graphic Novelist.  I’ve also thought of the possible job of being a freelance illustrator, especially where it comes to kids’ fiction.

I have an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing, which isn’t really that practical if I don’t intend to be a professional Editor.  As things stand, I haven’t written fiction in quite a long while, for more than one reason (which would probably be too much to touch on, here).  However, I’ve found that art is something else both creative and expressive that I can do, and do well.  It also generally does not come with the tension and obsession of managing a dramatic manuscript, which I’ve found in my own practice.

I’m hoping to get some experience with scriptwriting in the near future, though at the same time I want to experience all the art I can, as fast as I can.  But time only passes so quickly, and I can’t have the next seven years done yesterday (nor should I want to).  I just find myself with an enthusiasm for this which is rare, in me.

Anyway, have a look around, though know that I’m keeping this blog majorly to track my own development.  I’ve found that things go awry when I start worrying too much about the numbers of Likes and page visits.  I’m also a fairly shy person by nature (which is likely why I’m expressive in writing and art), so please don’t be surprised or offended if I don’t respond immediately to comments.  🙂

I think that’s it!  Have a good time — there is a menu to the right which will enable you to see my posts.  And remember always that kindness is a virtue.  🙂

5 thoughts on “What this blog is focused on

  1. Hi, nice to meet you. I noticed that you started following my blog, I’m glad you liked it. I know you mentioned you are shy, but I don’t mind to wait for an answer. Could you tell me, what you’ve liked about my blog, e.g. what made you want to follow it? I’m doing a little bit of soul searching to find where I really want to head to with this blog and I’d really appreciate if you could answer me this question 🙂
    I was reading and scanning over some of your posts and yes, I think it is a very personal blog that captures your process of development, like you mentioned before. Maybe that’s why sometimes I skipped a bit through, but in general I find your discoveries interesting and I’ll be walking along with you on your art adventures 🙂 Have a beautiful day
    PS: I got Prismacolour pencils from my Auntie when I visited the US last year. I really like but didn’t know they were waxbased. I’m really looking forward to see some of your pictures, especially with the blending marker. Never heard about it.

    1. Hello Romina,

      Sorry to get back to you so late…I was out most of the day, and my brain is a little fuzzy right now, but I’ll try and answer your question so that you don’t wait too long. Last night, I Followed your blog because I could see you linking to art tutorials online. I thought this was pretty cool, especially the way that you summarized key points so that we would know what we might miss if we didn’t look at the video. 🙂 (I’m thinking here about the Adobe Illustrator Tips & Tricks video, which I haven’t yet watched, but which I still appreciate.)

      I have a little bit of a background in jewelry making — mostly beadwork, but some silversmithing. Because of this, I’m kind of used to people keeping trade secrets, so where there are people actually sharing what they’re doing and how, I try to pay attention. I’ve found the WetCanvas forums to be really interesting, but I haven’t joined, yet. A lot of my searches for information lead me back there.

      I did go and look deeper into your blog earlier tonight; I think you’ve really got some talent going! (I say this even though I know my instructors have cautioned against leaning too much on talent, as versus practice. But a lot of your works are really beautiful.) Right now I’m fighting through hesitance to express a lot of deep stuff, which is where the art classes come in handy…I think I need to loosen up with myself. 🙂 Thank you for following my blog, and thanks for reaching out!

      — Haru

      1. Hi Haru, I love your name (means spring in Japanese and one of my very close friends is Harue). Thank you for your very detailed feedback. In fact I found it helpful and I think I’ll try to summarise things that i post more to give my own input and to also offer people a quick overview if they don’t have so much time to actually view the video/blog post or read the book I’m talking about. Thank you so much. It makes me very happy that you liked some of my pictures. I feel I should upload more as most of them are already a bit dated but anyways, they are all part of my journey.
        I wish you all the best with your own creative adventures and I’m glad you can use creativity as a positive outlet.
        Have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Hey, thanks! Nice note to wake up to! I’m thinking…that you mean the White Charcoal drawings? (I get a lot of hits on that post… 🙂

      There is some bad writing lurking around on this blog, though, let me assure you! 😉 I just haven’t taken it down. 😄

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