Note to self:

Annotate the new “hub” pages by letting people know what, say, of watercolors, is mentioned in the post…


Okay, I don’t need the Indanthrone Blue:

I did a little research, and at found that Indanthrone Blue can be approximated by Phthalo Blue + Permanent Magenta (both of which, I have!).  I’ve also recalled what Prussian Blue looks like, and am no longer so hot on it.  I may want to paint out a bit of what I have in Cotman stock, however.

This web page is particularly helpful where it comes to this…

List of items to finish (and buy) before 12-09-14

  • Written component | V
  • Rajas/Tamas | in process (coloring)
  • Indra’s Net | in process (coloring)
  • Pregnant (may require multiple tries [spatter?]) | V
  • Gate/Pond (Leap of Faith?) | (needs fixing)
  • Fractal | V
  • Soul Mirror | in process (almost done) | V
  • Knock | in process (to finish inking) | V
  • Wheel | V
  • Bamboo | V-

  • Map of an imaginary place (from last critique) |
  • OilBar drawing | x
  • Self-evaluation |
  • Paper on Shahzia Sikander (due 11/30/14?) | x
  • Digital photographs of portfolio ⇒ CD-R for teacher |
    To buy:
  • white gouache
  • black gouache (Pregnant, Gate/Pond/Leap of Faith)? or use Prang black
    (used charcoal instead)
  • 11″x14″ Hardbord panel
  • pale blue, violet Pitt B pens (2-3)
  • screen (for spatter)?

Chronicling my progress…Project Aside #2

I got some good work done; began to write the script for the written half of the project.  I also have my notes on Time written out, though I have no images for those, yet.  Last night I had a clarifying insight which will cleanly finish the project.

This will be at least 32 pages long; I’m thinking of centering a macrame strap and splitting it into two braids or bunches on each side down the spine (then recombining them), so the thing can open flat; my drawn pages will be thick.  I’ll probably need to reinforce the printed pages with tape or something — or print this out on heavier paper.  I’ve found that it looks professional and allows me to talk more when the pages are typed, which are both relatively good things, as this is a relatively intellectual project.

I will be working on 5″x7″ paper (they did not have my 5.5″x8.5″ Mixed Media paper at the art store) in ink, watercolor, possibly watercolor pencil and wax-based “Drawing” pencils.

I just got done messing around with MS Word and realized I need a more powerful program if I want to make things like this and print out multiple 7″x5″ tiles which are centered in both directions with a gutter.  InDesign is what immediately came to mind, but of course I don’t have that and don’t know how to use it.  😛

Anyhow, I want to take this with me tomorrow but am really concerned I’ll lose it.  Maybe I’ll take my flat purse and carry it around with me all day, then I can work on it at lunch…

Today’s project update: woke up sick, missed school

Alright, so I woke up with a headache and sore throat today.  Didn’t make it to school.  Spent the greater part of the day in bed, despite wanting to go out.

At least my throat is better, now.  I’m just going to have to be careful.

I have about 4 separate sets of things to get from the art store which should enable me to get started on the project.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we found out that our heater was broken just recently and so had to have it fixed, and the vendor couldn’t take credit.  This was a multiple-hundreds-of-dollars repair.  I didn’t pay for it, but I’m a secondary source of income who can chip in when cash flow gets tight.

Life of an artist, right?

Anyhow — I’m hoping to get started with this tomorrow.  I did bring my archives with me, and so I can go over that email I sent out, which I mentioned last night, and see if there’s anything of special value in there.  I also have a few readings to do, but that’s due in a week, along with my OilBar drawing and Art+Fear drawing.  I should really work on that “map of an imaginary place” drawing as well (left over from last critique).

I think the only thing really nagging at me is whether to use heavyweight or midweight watercolor paper for the sutra project.  I’ve found out how to stretch paper, and so I’m picking up materials for that, tomorrow.  Besides this, though, it’s been quiet.  I’ve wanted to read in my library books (on watercolors), but have found that the germ issue (germs on the books, not germs on me, though that’s an issue too) is holding me back.

I can get started on the narrative part of the project now, though — in bed.  I do have notebooks I can work in.  It’s foundational work, and I don’t have to use my color vision very much to do it.

Or, I could just go back to sleep…