It seemed a lot more intimidating, before I did it.

This was another day in which I slept for way too long because of not wanting to face schoolwork. However, the anxiety was pretty much for nothing.

I opened a window here and started typing out my feelings while I also contemplated dealing with my Programming homework, then switched over entirely to my Programming homework, and now am ahead in my studies!

It seemed a lot harder before I started!

Breaking things down step-by-step actually does help, which is useful because Programming pretty much demands breaking things down step-by-step.

So…tomorrow is Friday. I have the option of going in for extra hours, though to be honest, I really don’t feel like it. And yes, I know that if I don’t go in, the situation is just going to be worse on Saturday, but it’s not my responsibility to pick up all of the slack.

I did, however, just knock out my main reason for not going in.

What I can do tomorrow — to be useful, at least, and justify staying home — is to begin going into my archives to deal with this portfolio issue. It is the beginning of June: I should be getting to this.

What I can do is start categorizing things by class and then by Learning Outcomes, then go in there and deal with looking at and sorting through objects in each of my classes. It might help to start with the most recent, first, though I’m not positive on that.

I also might want to copy the entire directory and put it someplace where I can reorganize it.

And, right: my Programming class is just a taste of Web Programming…but so far, it’s actually pretty fun. One of my friends in Tech told me not to be a Programmer, and I don’t know exactly why they said that. Nor do I think I should really listen, at this point: it could have been a gender issue.

So, well.

Tomorrow, I can also work on the monpe model, and that may help me get out of bed in the morning. I can also exercise, which I haven’t done in a while.

And…there is the continued issue of the disorganized office. I need to go through my papers and books, though at this point…I wonder about what books to keep, and which to give away or sell back. The major barrier here is that I know I will have to shower afterwards (and I don’t know how to take short showers, and the hair is always always an issue), though if I combine this with exercise, it should help me feel like I earned it.

Sigh. Two more semesters left of this and then I can throw out so much accumulated stuff…though if you asked me today what I would get rid of, I wouldn’t exactly know. I am aware that I have a lot of metaphysics material that I have off-and-on felt was a waste of time to read; on the other hand, there’s some really creative ideas in there. 😉

I think a major issue is just not having read deeply into a lot of the books I have, and some books I want to keep for inspiration, even though they aren’t worth much as reference material. Like the book, Gemstone Settings, by Anastasia Young (published by Interweave Press). It’s a really pretty book! Helpful? I haven’t found it so.

Like some other books I have, there is an introduction to technique, but not nearly enough information to practically and successfully attempt the process without outside help. It’s a good starting point for beginners who need to know what can be done, and who need basic background information, but it won’t take them all the way through doing it, if they don’t already know how. I guess I wouldn’t call it a really serious book, more than a book intended for general audiences. But then it’s like what do I expect when I didn’t get it from a specialty bookstore or jeweler’s supply shop.

Anyhow, this feels like personal Collection Development stuff, and I haven’t taken that class, yet.

Dealing with the bookshelves and the papers and the archives is going to be an issue taking more than one day. But it needs to be done.

Of course, the big fear is not being able to locate anything after the reorganization…

…nor am I certain whether to work on the portfolio or the mess, first. I guess it depends on what I feel like, in the morning.


Career Pathways: Web Design, Development, Production look interesting.

I’m not going to be able to stay here for long (getting sick, need rest), but I wanted to note something down before heading to bed: it looks like the goal I had before, of becoming a Web Designer first and then transitioning into a Web Developer, is not a bad option!

A while back I had a friend advise me not to take on a career as a programmer, though they didn’t tell me why. (I still don’t know why, and if I would care; I should ask them.) I ran as search as to why this might be the case…and I need to do some more research, but the main issue that I care about — besides technology constantly updating, meaning that things break routinely — is that programmers are seen by employers as interchangeable. And often, it’s cheaper for a company to outsource this labor.

So I don’t have to go whole-hog and become a software developer. Web Design is more in line both with my skills, and with what I’m being taught. Having Development skills, in addition, would give me a leg up. A page I found at SkillCrush is particularly encouraging. The only thing I will be really missing, on graduation, is training in Typography. I do know a place where I can take that class, though…or I could research and learn it on my own.

Of course, I’m planning to go into a job as a Librarian right after graduation, and build my tech skills on the side; I don’t expect to get the MLIS and then be — ready? to head right into a Design job. (I also wonder if a Design job would mean taking a pay/benefits cut, relative to being a Librarian.)

And then there is the possibility of becoming a Web Producer, which is like being a Content Editor…also very interesting, and a possible extra option.

Well, my eyes are burning and my nose is starting to, as well. I also heard that some others were sick at the office, so maybe I should just let this be, for now, and get some rest…