There can be things more important than art, I guess…

I’m…not being sarcastic.  I’ve spent the majority of today working on academic projects and trying to catch up on my reading.  At the advice of M, I abandoned the latter effort, in order to work on what is due later today.

Accordingly, I have two projects halfway done:  a paper with eight pages more space allowed, and a metadata encoding crosswalk which I’ll need to use my human brain power to construct (there is a reason computers can’t do it).  Right now I don’t have the mental wherewithal to trust myself in dealing with anything I have to think about, so I’ve stopped, for the night.  I have a little less than 1.5 weeks to go before classes end…I didn’t know it was that urgent.

I should likely get to bed very soon:  I have less than 24 hours to finish all of this.  After that…there will be another test in Cataloging (which I’ve been neglecting the readings for), an oral presentation (which I may just have to work with trial-and-error to accomplish), and possibly one more thing due in Metadata.  After that, like it or not, the semester will be over…and I’ll need to be sure I’ve backed up all my work.

Today has been relatively hard.  I’ve just been trying to lead myself with small steps, like:  instead of going to bed, how about opening a document.  Amazingly, I did fall asleep earlier directly after drinking a pot of Jasmine tea (I was having a lot of trouble with being cold).  I am not entirely sure what’s going on, except that the recent death in the family has put me under stress that is causing my illness to flare.  I have, however, learned not to even try to read anything substantial in this situation when I’m among other people, or with the TV on in the same room.

There’s also a birthday party tomorrow, which I don’t think is a wise investment of my energy, at this point.

What I am thinking of is beginning to play around with linoleum block printing, and getting back to painting, once school is out.  (D even found a hidden brayer for inks.)  It’s been a really long time since I’ve devoted much time to my art…the exception being that night when I was messing around with the markers (I still haven’t figured out how my little designs are exactly working, yet…nor have I uploaded any of them).  There is also a lot of material which I want to read, which I don’t have time to read, because I have assignments to work on.  I have been playing around with different handwriting styles in the margins of my books, but I don’t know where that falls in.  😉

Enrollment for Fall is done.  Nine units, again:  D is apprehensive that I may be taking on too much.  I can see what I can cut out — right now my schedule includes both Foundational and Recommended courses (basically, everything I have a remote possibility of taking), but…even though there’s more I want to take, and even though it will cut down my Financial Aid, maybe I should take six units instead — and have time for myself.  If I do drop anything, it will likely be Digital Curation.  The other two classes (Web Design, Web Usability) are too important to me.

I’ve just checked my schedule, as well — I don’t even need to take three classes per semester.  I can get out with two and still graduate in Spring 2019 — or I can take three per semester and get out in Fall 2018.  I just won’t have the entire package of classes that was recommended…and there are some, like Linked Data, which look very interesting but which are likely too new or too temporary to be recommended.  As long as I fulfill my breadth requirements, I’m OK.

All right.  My brain is checking out as I’m sitting here — I’m going to brush my teeth and get some rest…and try not to be too hard on myself, tomorrow.

There can be things more important than art, I guess…

Winding currents, and anxieties.

In the last post I mentioned the two non-technical electives I’ve taken, plus Beginning Cataloging, to have been a waste of time, but right now, actually — I’ve realized that they aren’t/weren’t, because they have directed me away from fields that I have found I have no particular…zeal for.

In the case of Cataloging, it’s a lot easier than I had suspected, and it’s easy to feel good about something at which one is competent.  It’s not that cataloging is tiresome; but the major crestfall about that class has been the fact that nearly none of the readings have directed us to the right chapters…we’ve just had to take it upon ourselves to look up what we think will help.

And, again, I have been dealing with intimidation around the hands-on work I’ve had to do for that class, but getting the hang of it is nice:  especially when it looks complicated, from a distance.  I’ve learned to keep scratch paper nearby to work out problems by hand, and it helps a good deal.  As does having multicolored bold gel pens.  🙂  Right now I’m using Pentel EnerGel 07 pens in bright colors (one of them is even fluorescent pink), and it actually does help.  Color coding, and smooth writing.  It’s just…comforting.

(And yes, I know that I’ve already used up one of these from last semester, but not any of the colored ones.)

I know I should get to bed, but I’ve only been awake for 12 hours…

Tomorrow I’ve got to work on more:  I will try and tackle the next two practice exercises for Cataloging, leaving the last one (which is about MARC coding) until after I turn in the graded exercise.  I’m sure that’s going to come up on the (actual) quiz, which I’ll get next week.

On Sunday, I’ll have to deal with writing a short paper segment:  a Literature Review.  Though I’m not done with my review yet, I can turn in a response to what I do have (I’ve read at least eight articles, and have two more lined up), and do more research as I look over my notes and highlights for keywords and references.

I will also have to turn in a short assignment for Metadata, though I have looked at the assignment, and it doesn’t seem at all hard (though it may require topical review).  And actually, it would seem that I should prioritize this and the Lit Review ahead of the Cataloging work, as I get an extra 10 hours to turn in the latter.  My biggest concern about that, though, is oversleeping — or being too wiped out to focus on Sunday night.  I can write while tired with little problem; but cataloging while tired just doesn’t seem to be a good combination!

Yeah — I should probably get the Metadata and Cataloging projects out of the way, then turn in what I can eke out of a Lit Review.  Plus, doing that will ensure that I don’t have a small project (or two) hanging over my head while I’m trying to focus on writing.  I can try and get both of those little things done first thing Sunday, then use the rest of the day to focus on my Research class.

The Lit Review has to be 5-6 pages, but I know that at least one of those will be taken up with a list of Works Cited, leaving me with about 2.5 pages of single-spaced text to write.  It really probably shouldn’t be that hard, given that I’ve written about…two pages, double-spaced, so far, here.  More, if I include the text I wrote earlier.  If I cut and paste both of these entries, yes, I have already written five double-spaced pages, tonight.

I suppose the main issue is addressing what is asked for…

And come Monday…if I haven’t completed my late Discussion Topic, I should; I can also try and catch back up to the next Metadata reading, and read over the lecture due on the 20th, as well as finish reading Chapter 4 for Research Methodologies and watch the three or so lectures I missed.

On Tuesday, maybe, I may be able to do something creative — or, I may have my time taken up with doing new assignments…and finishing any old ones I’ve forgotten about (like the two readings I am still in process on for Metadata, which I’d forgotten about).

And we wonder why I write…

Winding currents, and anxieties.