Mental Health

These posts deal expressly with my experience of mood disorder and psychosis (the latter of which meaning, for those who don’t know, a tendency to separate from reality, not a desire to harm or kill others), and my attempts to deal with the side effects of the treatments that keep them under control.

This includes needing to get back into shape so that I don’t have to deal with constant slow weight gain because of my medications.  (I suspect, but do not know, that they slow down my metabolism, at the same time as [I know] they increase hunger and delay satiety).

The major problem which I need to confront in fiction writing is having memories of being uncertain as to whether what I was writing, was real.  Then I got older, and learned a lot more about how my own brain functions.  Information relating to creativity and the brain should also be linked under this heading.

Curated Pages (i.e. things I don’t want to forget):