Reading multiple sources as regards how to write for the web — for my classes — has brought my attention to how I might better organize things on this blog.  Though this has been a personal blog with ultimately autobiographical aims, and ultimately for the one person I know will read it (myself), it’s starting to grow into something more.  This could warrant editing and reorganization.

The issues associated with this site are too deep, and my knowledge currently too shallow, to do a complete overhaul and revision of site purpose and goals, so I’ll be taking things a bit at a time, here.

On this page, I’m trying to divide up my posts according to the main themes (and audiences) of this blog and place links to some of the more useful and current ones (as of June 2017).  My intent is to make this something more than just a tag or category repository (as WordPress already provides these tools), though just what I’m going to do with all of these postings has yet to make itself known.

Although it’s no longer a goal of mine to expose myself to the world as a coherent whole (I must have grown out of this in my 35th year), going through this blog chronologically will give a sense of my experiences at whatever point in time you dive.  On this page, however, I’m trying to ease access to potentially relevant posts which get lost on an infinitely-scrolling screen.

Please be aware that this site is under renovation, possibly major renovation and growth that would be most efficiently handled under a new URL.

I also have a tendency to be wordy, which I’m trying to get a handle on:  I’m dealing with tension between pressuring myself to make things long, and the fact that shorter posts are easier for readers to digest, even if more difficult to write.  (I trained as a fiction writer…the length issue, thus, may be self-explanatory.)