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Beautiful, unpredictable, reliably difficult.  I’ve been drawn back to this transparent to translucent medium for its immediacy, nuance, and impact.  I found, recently as of this writing, that most of the work which I’ve done which I still appreciate has strong transparent watercolor elements.

Gouache is the term used specifically for opaque watercolor…which, I am not an expert on, but it seems to have entirely different working characteristics from transparent watercolor.  It feels closer to working in acrylics than to working in transparent watercolor, to me (and indeed, there are hybrids such as Holbein’s Acryla Gouache).

In my Color Dynamics class, in we utilized gouache because (I am thinking) it can give pure, bright, strong, opaque, matte mixes of color.  While I have experimented with gouache in areas other than color studies, I have not done so successfully.

One of the upshots to having at least a split-primary palette in gouache, though, is that it can be used in woodblock printing…



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