Block Printing hub

Here, I’m archiving experiments and thoughts on small linoleum block prints (also called “linocuts”).  This was pressing on me much more, early in Summer 2017…then the drive trailed off, a bit.  I attribute the drive to make linocuts to wanting to work in woodblock printing, but not having the tools or materials to do so.

I now have almost — if not everything — to try my hand at woodblock printing (mokuhanga), but my present experience of carving wood blocks, I would call minimal, at best.  (I know enough now to know that it is not easy, and that it is different than linoleum carving, that is!)

I became exposed to this art form, largely, in the last trip I took to Hawaii.  I visited the Honolulu Art Museum and viewed some of their collection of woodblock prints.  In their bookstore, I found a book called Shin Hanga:  The New Print Movement of Japan, (©2007), by Barry Till.

I picked this book up because — for one thing — it is gorgeous.  I also hoped that studying the prints reproduced in this book would give me a better sense of design and composition.  In any case…reading what there is to read in this book, spurred off my interest in shin hanga, sosaku hanga, and what seems to currently be called mokuhanga (that is, the contemporary version of Japanese woodblock printing).

I found information on how to create the latter in a book called Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop, (©2015), by April Vollmer.  As deep as the book is, it feels sparing if one actually wants to make woodblock prints.  I believe I have everything I would need, at this point — except, practice, skill, and the knowledge that only experience (or being taught) can give…