Crafts: Beadwork

In the Summer of 2018, I got my head together enough to realize that doing things because one admires those who work in the field; or because the “gender” attribution of that occupation is more correct; isn’t the best way to go about finding hobbies. Neither is the amount of social esteem given to the bearer of the skills; nor how much money is presently made off of those skills.

Beadwork is something I have been doing off-and-on, for at least 25 years. I actually think this pre-dates the time at which I began to write fiction profusely. I had been trying to get away from beading for various reasons, including fear of inadvertently treading on someone else’s intellectual property. (Techniques aren’t intellectual property unless they’re patented, I learned much later; and they can’t be patented unless especially innovative…which most of what we do, is not.)

In any case, I’ve recently begun again, to bead. Because I want to. And because I’ve recently stopped caring about the gender attributions of my hobbies.

Do what makes you happy.