Natural hair.

This is a self-care post. I’ve realized that I actually need to direct more energy to this, as it’s my biggest struggle, right now. It is late, and I really should be in bed. I wanted to make a quick note, though, about using as much shampoo and conditioner tonight as my hair warranted.

Every time I’ve had my hair professionally washed, the staff use — basically — huge amounts of conditioner and detangler. Like multiple pumps of conditioner. Like, “I stopped paying attention around 7 pumps,” of conditioner.

So after washing my scalp really well with a sulfate-free shampoo and scrubbing the remnants of that shampoo into the length of it (I’ve heard I shouldn’t do the latter), then combing it, I rinsed really well. Then I put in enough conditioner (with a lot of coconut oil — I was instructed to use coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, or possibly baobab oil for conditioning) so that my fingers stopped catching when I ran them along the length. Then I combed the conditioner through and pulled my hair back and washed my face.

After I finished washing my face, I turned the heat down, as I’d been instructed to rinse, “with as cold water as I can stand,” and rinsed my hair away from my body. Toward the end I flipped my hair forward and rinsed the underside of it, then gathered everything up and put it in a bun on top of my head, where it drained and stayed until I got out the shower…

When I got out, I took it down and it was just gorgeous, with lots of short defined waves (I have waves instead of curls…the curl just goes in an “S” pattern instead of a spiral). I’m not sure it will be this way tomorrow.

Particularly, as my hair dries, it loses its sheen and the curls separate. I didn’t use the leave-in conditioner I have, because I didn’t want to put the comb into it again and lose the curl definition. If I lose all my definition, I’ll try the leave-in conditioner next time.

I think the major problem I’m having is that the very tips of my hair are curling up (from lack of weight) and making it difficult for me to pull the comb straight through. That means a lot of breakage at the ends.

If it were warmer or earlier, I would have been able to let this air-dry all the way, but I ended up using a diffuser to dry the roots, which basically lifted the roots and made it so I probably won’t be sick, tomorrow. I’ll be sleeping with a wrap and my hair on top of my head.

More happened tonight — I decided to restart my jewelry business, I wrote an art friend, and I’ve decided to go to a convention later this month to pick up newer C-Lon, and a replacement thread burner. I hope to wear my new earrings and maybe take some stuff in to work tomorrow in the way of beading.

I also realized that I need to get ready for bed earlier, take medication earlier, get enough sleep, eat breakfast before work (even if it makes me late), take my first break before lunch, eat lunch, then take a bathroom break after lunch and drink some water at that time. (I thought I’d forget this if I didn’t write it down.)

That’s it for tonight.