You know how as a kid, you run too fast and launch yourself into the ground?

I don’t know how much I’ve recently been thinking about work and finding work, and learning crafts…I did get a book, though, about sashiko embroidery. I think that for now I am going to try and stick to jewelry (including design) and sewing/embroidery, for stuff I don’t absolutely have to do.

Maybe I can screw around with Posca markers, too. I found that I could use my washi tape and the Posca markers to stick temporary labels on design illustrations (which I’d be doing in gouache, on heavy paper [likely relatively smooth watercolor paper] or Bristol board). I haven’t done it yet, but I shouldn’t forget it’s possible.

This job thing is getting to me. I need to finish what I can when I can, and maybe stop pushing myself so hard. I ramped up the hours I was working at my regular job starting earlier this week, and had to come home early today because I was just exhausted, or sick, or something.

I remembered later that my old supervisor used to advise me to, “pace myself,” when working a long day. My stamina isn’t up yet; I think I was overperforming and used up all my resources. I became lightheaded and queasy — like my blood sugar crashed, and I was too nauseous to be able to eat to relieve it. But I was the only one in my job category at work, today. I really don’t know why no one else was called in, unless I’m expected to do everything.

I did do a lot of work in the beginning part of the day, clearing out the interlibrary returns, and the outgoing interlibrary Holds; sorting four carts in between, with two hours on desk. That was in the first three hours.

I should have taken my first break before lunch, when I had the chance, instead of saving it for after lunch, when I knew I’d need it. By that time, things were too far gone for it to be useful.

Yeah, now that I write that out, it looks like I need to go easier on myself.

And…now that I write that, I see that it’s nearly 1:30 AM my time…it only makes sense to watch anime late into the night when you don’t need to keep a semblance of a sleep schedule.

Got some choice terms for the conundrum I’ve gotten myself into with assembling a color portfolio before considering the form those colors would take…but maybe in the morning I can experiment a bit.


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