Expanding life.

Today has been kind of interesting. I’ve made inroads to inhabiting my office, again (it used to be a kind of third space between the kitchen/main living area, and the bedroom). Amazingly, not a lot of dust has accumulated in here.

D and I braved the rain so I could pick up a set of 30 half-sticks of the Rembrandt soft pastels, though I haven’t yet been gutsy enough to open them and see how fresh they are. (If they are ancient, I may need to take them back.) It was about $45 for 30 half-sticks, which amazingly enough is a good price for this brand. I intend on using this as a basis from which to branch out.

In addition, I’ve been installing some stuff on my machine. It took some effort to get around to it, because as is obvious to me, my anxiety pushes me away from installing anything…but if followed to an extreme, this kind of leads me to a place where I’m just running basic programs, and not really using the computer’s entire potential.

In any case…the laptop is now basically my primary computer. This is especially as I’ve reduced my time on the smartphone: I’ve started not to feel comfortable browsing the web with it — even my own stuff, here.

I’m also trying to figure out whether I should take pictures with my phone rather than my camera, given that my phone is much newer, and with it, I can actually select what to focus on, even if it isn’t in the middle of the frame. This isn’t really an option with my digital camera, which means essentially that my camera is training/forcing me to take naive pictures.

The thing is that I’ll need to have my transfer cable at the ready, because I only have about 5 gigs of space on my phone. Although…I did take a ton of photos about a week ago, and they take up less than four megs — but this is from the digital camera, which records in JPEG by default.

Unfortunately for this post, I think I’m going to have to get to bed sooner, rather than later. There’s still a lot to do. I am going to need to clean the office, the bedroom, and the bathroom. But, not tonight.


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