First post published on!

Hi all,

I’ve made some decent headway into prepping my paid site (no ads!), I also published my first post about an hour ago, which can also be found under “Posts,” and the blurb for the home page.

I’m a little bit regretting not having included art as part of the site description when I set up the domain, as I’m sure I have readers here who are interested in that aspect of my postings. (These have been, and continue to be, major attractions, after all.)

I think I have a combination of the readership of (at least!) two blogs going on within this one blog, that is: those who like the art stuff, and those who like the literary stuff. Then there are other things I talk about here, like mental health and gender (which will more than likely filter through into any fiction I post at Feedback about which aspects of you like best, would be helpful!

The thing is, if I’m going with a paid site, it will likely be more formal than this one…and I can only see that being continually updated with a site focused on reading and writing. The art content isn’t going away; I just may continue to post it here, on, along with my more casual, day-to-day writing.

The main reason for me to create inkodei was to give me room for my literary (and sequential art) play — and a space away from the ads. I am still on the fence about buying a serious web-hosting plan with which I could author hard-coded pages with multiple domains, as well as multiple WordPress sites (with subdomains if warranted!), which is why I haven’t opted to create two paid sites, here: I’d rather hold on to the funds, for now.

Does this sound workable?

(P.S. If you would like, feel free to “Like” and “Follow” me over there!)


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