Some ePort work done…

I’m actually feeling pretty good, today, after getting comments and a Passing grade back on my first ePortfolio segment!

Today, I’ve been doing what I intended to do yesterday. I’ve been reading through and polishing old assignments from 2012. Pretty soon, I should have Competencies A-C fulfilled, and won’t have to depend so much on material I completed six years ago!

Really, what got me out of bed (besides the fact that I realized I was on the fast track to, “not graduating,” and letting the past three years be a waste of time, effort, support, and money, if I let anxiety and frustration at internal politics take over) were two conditions. The first condition is that both my parents were studying their own stuff — meaning that the TV was off and things were quiet. The second condition was that I got a Passing grade back on my Comp C submission, meaning that I was doing things all right and could move forward with the other pages.

This…has made me feel better than sewing would have. I did, however, rest before beginning. Sometimes I’m just not ready to dive in, you know? I wasn’t ready to deal with this immediately after waking up; I needed about two hours to gather myself. Maybe tomorrow I can take this into account and do something not requiring heavy thought right after waking. (Maybe knitting? Or reading.) Then two hours after I’ve woken, I can start working on the ePortfolio, or on my Collection Development homework?

I still need to revise my Chapter 1 submission for Collection Development to “prove” that I read it, though I’m thinking that in a Master’s program, I shouldn’t have to…

I’m also thinking about re-taking Cataloging and Classification if I do get the Master’s, though I’ll have to do it on my own. But how could it be worse than taking it the first time around through a digital interface?

Probably this is enough time spent on this posting, for now. I can get back to work. 🙂