Beading actually does help my happiness.

And…I am hoping I’m not sliding back into a manic phase, again.  In my defense, I did visit a bead store for the first time in months, today (and bead stores are well known to beaders as akin to candy stores [to say it in a hopefully non-triggering way]).

Obviously (to me), it is far after midnight, here (about an hour at the beginning of this writing:  more exactly, 45 minutes, but I just came back from taking medication, which makes it 1 AM), which explains the sugar cravings that have been happening for the last two hours.  (I probably should have been in bed at 10.  As it is, I’ll probably be cold tonight…as happens when I stay up too long.)

It was a new bead store, too!  M said that she didn’t think it looked very big, but it was fairly well stocked where it comes to the newer Czech glass multihole beads.  In addition, they had a classroom divided off of the main shop where I caught someone using a handheld butane torch at a small soldering station.

I dropped a little over $60 there; making me glad I’d picked up some cash beforehand.  On the way out, we were stopped by an old retired lady who had decided that my godmother was her new best friend.  🙂  I will withhold my thoughts on that, but I will say that it reminded me of my workplace.

I have made an effort today to try and avoid worrying about my classes.  Because I’ve been catching up and dealing with the depression issues, I haven’t really gotten a real break from worry and preoccupation (except for today).  So anyhow, I was playing around with lots of little glass beads, earlier tonight.  I haven’t taken any photos, but I do think I have a good start on figuring out how to use the two-hole “Silky” beads (they’re shaped like textured diamonds).

Hint:  the thread isn’t limited to coming out of the bead in the direction of the drill holes.  Nor does it have to be limited to only flowing in one direction; it can be anchored in more than one.  I’m trying to figure out a way to use them with Long Magatama beads which will not result in the Long Magatamas sitting at odd angles…a bit difficult, when the holes in the latter are fairly huge to begin with.

I mean, Long Magatamas are meant to sit at an angle anyway, but there is angled alignment and then there is wonky unstable alignment.  I’m thinking that those beads are actually more meant to be used in kumihimo and other more fiber-heavy applications anyway, though, as versus straight traditional beadweaving — this being why the holes are so large (to allow passes of cord which are in turn woven, braided, or knotted, as versus the type of thread that’s used for seed bead weaving — typically, much [MUCH] thinner).

I picked up a reasonable amount and assortment of two-hole beads and some other shaped beads (like the Miyuki Long Drops I opted for in lieu of Rizos [there were no Rizos at this store], which…aren’t quite what I expected, though I did get a lot of them for what I paid).  I can see my tastes veering towards deep green- and violet-blues with gold and copper accents for the upcoming season…generally, the color trends in bead stores will attempt to predict and complement the colors used in coming fashion design palettes.  Among the beads I picked up were a string of 5mm blue Czech fire-polished beads (I’d never encountered 5mms before, only 6mm and 4mm)…a shade of blue which leans more violet than my norm, though they should match nicely with the fuschia beads I got…for some project which I can’t remember anymore…

Ah, right!  the lacy one.  I was designing a collar in Chevron Stitch using the fuschia beads!  This one is mostly pink with some violet-red, though I’m open to changing out the colors (honestly, I was just trying to find a way of using the pinks).  I haven’t settled on a final structural design yet, either, though I remember that at the time I was designing this, I was getting interested in tatting (which I eventually gave up on because it would be quite a lot of work to find someone who could teach me this method of lacemaking, and I’d likely have to tolerate some abrasive conservative politics, if I went to the lace specialty center near me).

Anyhow, it looks like lace.  I do have a couple of snapshots of it, but they’re very much just working-process things, playing with layout of different projects and such.

I also am wondering if I should get more sliding polystyrene drawer sets, considering that one of my sets is now almost totally full of tiny vials of beads.  That is, it is fulfilling its purpose as intended…and I do have other storage methods available for the contents of the other two drawer sets — it’s just that I’m surprised at how efficient it is (and that I’ve still withheld copious amounts of beads [read:  bronze and green] for the sake of project organization).

I also have two more sets of small Sterilite drawers which will assist…I just have to empty them of the quilting, knitting, and (most of the) crochet paraphernalia (small crochet hooks are invaluable in macrame).  Now that I think of it, I can put most of that into small boxes and into the box that holds my yarns, then use the opened-up space for tubes and packs of beads, organized by type or project.  Or, I could put my metals and tools in the Sterilite drawers, and use the polystyrene drawers for more transparent storage where visibility of my stock is a priority.

That actually sounds a lot better.  My storage methods have gradually changed as better options have become available…I’m just afraid that my polystyrene drawer sets will not be dependably stocked by the place I got them from.  I mean, I originally went back there for something which was no longer carried, then found these drawers for like $3 per set.  On the other hand…is it worth it to drive out there to get 3 more sets to match?  It is only $9, but …I just have so many storage options already…

Anyway, it’s now 2:30 AM.  I should really get some rest.  I can think about it overnight, though for some reason I hope I don’t end up going back out there…

Oh, and:  I did start weaving the bracelet I mentioned before with the Ladder-Stitched bugle beads, only I’m doing it in Dark Copper (dark red) and Moss Green, right now.  I’m going to do more than one…but likely putting a copper clasp on this one.

I just needed to do something less predictable than start right up where I left off with the first bracelet, last time.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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