Of course, I shouldn’t plan to fail…

But in practicality…?  I don’t know if I’ll be able to pass this first graded exercise on Dewey Decimal Cataloging.  Probably the majority of the reason I was able to navigate it early on is that I use it so much — but using it and remembering the collocation sections is not comparable to building it.  I don’t know if I’ve been this lost in a class since attempting Calculus (though, granted, I never did get to see how well or poorly I was doing in Calculus, before I dropped it.  Right now, I’m really not doing well in this class, and it’s really apparent to me that I’m not doing well).

I know now why I read that if I was interested in Cataloging, to take Beginning Cataloging as soon as possible.  This class really will show a person whether they actually are interested in Cataloging (as versus the idea of Cataloging).  Luckily, I have some work done from the last time I was concerned about doing well in this class.  I can still easily switch paths to Digital Services, with the aim of working online for a digital library or e-commerce platform (in which case, my Digital Imaging experience should come in handy — not that I consider myself very accomplished at that, yet).  I have a backup plan, that is.

At this point, I am kind of wishing, though, that I had decided on this prior to starting the program at all.  As things are, I had three slots free last semester which I could have used toward the goal of specializing in Digital Services — but I was still considering working in a Public Library setting.  What those two classes showed me is that I probably don’t want to do that — at least, not as an Adult/Teen Services or Children’s Librarian.

The two classes I took then are, however, fulfilling other requirements that I would need for an ALA-accredited degree — and that “ALA-accredited” part is what will qualify me to work as a librarian — even if as a Metadata or Digital Services Librarian.  And I suppose it’s that which may give me some power when it comes to employment negotiations outside the Library field.

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to bomb this exercise, but that doesn’t mean I should give up on my other two classes.  I’ll try and work on one or the other of those, now…

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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