So I find myself with a free half-hour.

Although it is very apparent to me that my Cataloging class is discouraging me from the career path I laid out for myself (though this is largely not my fault), it still looks like more of a match than Digital Services.  It may be as well that Information Organization is a better name for it, than calling it “Cataloging;” the latter puts too much emphasis on whether I do well in this class.  And hey:  if I get a “D” on the first test, I have four others to get “A”s on.

At this point I do realize that maybe Library work (as versus Information Science)…isn’t so bad.  My interests and values do run along this line, and now that I am getting a deeper taste of what Information Services actually entails, it doesn’t put me off as much.  I consider myself very much a Humanities person, which would seem to be something without much value, outside of this enclave.

What I can see is that there is a fairly large problem historically in the American Library field around validation and inclusion of different races and cultures (very apparent when looking at the development of the field)…but I’m a person who can help tackle that.  In addition, in my area the librarians and library staff are, as I’ve said before, pretty chill.  And everybody dislikes dealing with difficult people (even Librarians have to turn to each other for support), not just me.

I did find a quotation a while back…which I’ve forgotten, but the gist of it was that the vast majority of jobs in the U.S. are presently service jobs.  Given that, what percentage of the population actually wants to work a service job?  And what is the alternative?  Manufacturing?  Agriculture?  (Okay, well, agriculture could be interesting, too…)  I think those were the two categories other than service.  Important, yes, but Information Services are also important…in a country run by the people wherein the people are kept ignorant, it becomes far too easy for the people to make decisions that impact themselves and others negatively.

Alright, I have to get back to work, but I wanted to note this.  Maybe when I get home I can work on my Dewey reading and homework…


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