yeah, I needed this.

Well, this was a much-needed day of rest, relatively.

I was able to recover a project which I started in 2011.  This is a bracelet based on a necklace pattern that I had noticed M making.  She has decided to rework her necklace, and…somehow, maybe it was the recent bead reorganization I’ve been going through, or the fact that she was going through her stock, but I recognized two tubes of small bugle beads that I had loaned her.  Then I realized that I had the rest of the set for that bracelet ready to go, and had bought additional materials with the thought of making it.  It’s basically a kit, but stored dynamically instead of together.

I actually even have part of the project in the beginning stages, done already.  Apparently my wrist hasn’t changed too much in size, in six years!  I was working on an alternate version of the design, as the initial design sprung very much from the pattern someone else made (although it just took principles, pretty much:  the aesthetics are different from what I’ve seen of the other person’s work).

This incorporates rows of ladder stitch connected with netting and/or peyote stitch (in my version it’s basically peyote, because the gap is so small), with picot fringe.  All of this has to be tiny, because the bugle (tube) beads I’m using are tiny (they are as wide as a Japanese 15º round seed bead…and I can’t deviate from using 15ºs, without changing the spacing between the bugle beads).  I’m pretty sure they are size #1 (bugle beads are sized differently than other beads considered “seed beads”) — they appear less than 1/4″ long.

Aside from the fact that I had written down the color combinations I used in my sample; that I included the beads for the one woven button I thought I would have to make, and also included a xerox of the relevant pattern for that button…the kicker is the color work.  Plus, I was able to find all the pieces to go to this, which date back to at least 2011 (when I recorded the names of the beads which went together).

I’m sure, though, that I will have to make two buttons, at this point — the buttons are beautiful (and well-designed) enough that it would seem somewhat cheap to just use a mass-produced clasp.  I do have a gold-plated metal box clasp which is actually really beautiful, but the problem is the fact that I would have to narrow down my weaving to one point of contact, instead of two, and the attachment would be weaker if I used a ready-made clasp.

I’m making this in dark blue-green, along with …I think the color name is Smoky Topaz AB, which bridges over into mauve and red-violet.  “AB” is short for Aurora Borealis, and is the name of a rainbow coating on the outside of the bead.  Smoky Topaz is the base color of the bead, which is a smoky brown.  Together, they make a bead which appears reddish-violet, except when the light shines through the bead (smoky brown), instead of reflecting off the surface of the bead (red-violet).

Taking that into consideration, I have enough materials (if I don’t count the buttons) to make two versions of this:  one heavily blue-green one with red-violet accents, and one which is predominantly red-violet and green (I found the “Dark Copper” colored tiny bugles [really, they appear more Burgundy to me] along with the “Moss Green” tiny bugles).  Both of the bugle types are really glossy (nearly metallic), and from the swatch I made, I’m really certain they will work well together.

As for the buttons…I’ll have to either use violet for the next set after the ones for this bracelet, or buy new 4mm crystals — I’ve basically looked through the places where they’re most likely to be in my bead stash, and I can’t find any more Erinite-color bicones or whatever it was I got to replace them (the latter of which are more yellowish).  If I take apart and reconstruct my trial button, I should be able to have two buttons which are reasonably similar, but they won’t be identical…because I can’t find the rest of my Erinite beads (I need two more, having found two on a trial strand), and I suspect that the color formulation has changed in the last six years.  I know that the cut has most likely changed since then (we’re on Xilion Bicones now, instead of just Bicones, and I think that change happened after 2011…but I’m not sure).

I think I got the yellow-green ones at the beginning of my warm-green kick…

Anyhow…I did do some design work last night, but I think I’ll work on the original idea, first; it’s a really nice design, and I already know how to do it (or did know, at one time — and left notes for myself).  I’ve been hammered by alternate design options in the meantime by sorting through all of my greens and blue-greens…the nice thing is that I should be able to have the time to work on this, soon.  I couldn’t really bring myself to do much more than the homework for tonight (which I didn’t know was even assigned, until this afternoon).  It’s done now, but still…I don’t recall being told that the work week started on Monday (last semester, most of my classes turned over on Thursday), and I was kind of burned out and stressed, so I didn’t check.

I have been working out, though, so that much is good.  🙂  It’s better than foregoing exercise to do homework…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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