Caffeine does wonders for motivation…

A’right.  So what’s up is 1) I think I have a migraine, and right now am trying caffeine to get rid of it.  And 2), right, I reinstated my Wacom (drawing tablet), which appears fully functional except that the tilt mechanism for the pen isn’t working quite as I remember it.  Could be a software setting, or the fact that I’m not using a painting program (which…now is something I know I can use).

I don’t know, but I may have time to tinker it out tonight, if this tea has anything to say about it.  I am glad that this has worked out:  I was about to go after a new tablet, but the one I already had was both newer than I remembered it to be, and bigger than what I would buy, otherwise.  One point I can see, though, is that it feels very different to draw on this tablet than it does to draw freehand with…an actual pencil or brush.

There is something nice, though, about being able to use old peripherals which you thought were obsolete…(not to mention the video games I haven’t touched in months…  Wasted time.  Can’t remember where I’m at in Final Fantasy IV.  Do I care?)

Anyhow…I am getting something of a taste of what it is like to be someone into writing and the arts who works in a library (finally!).  With the interests in art and writing coming together at the juncture of graphic novels…it’s kind of interesting to see how this is shaping up.  I seem to be developing as a person and finding out who I am while I’m going through all of this.

It’s really apparent by now that I have strong interests in the Humanities, though I still have a somewhat diminished taste for fiction, and some internal resistance to writing it.  The positive point is that I don’t have the same issue with art as I find with narratives (though granted, my first narratives were through art).  It might even be a thing to work with an author as an artist — not as the primary writer — in the future.  I would be surprised not to find an abundance of authors searching for someone to illustrate their work online, as well.

I am not sure if I would have come to this point four years ago, when I initially started the MLIS program.  While I have a clearer idea at this point of where I want to go, things are still not entirely clear to me.

I’ve just been looking over my school’s options where it comes to specializations.  If Cataloging doesn’t work out, I’m thinking that Web Programming/Info Architecture will be my next best bet.

I’ve just here taken about an hour break to chart out a courseload for the next three years, although it appears I could be done in less than that.  What is apparent is that both the Cataloging and Web Programming/Info Architecture paths share a majority of classes, and if I can do what I’m planning on doing, I can be clear in four more semesters, at nine units a semester and without summer classes.  This is having taken most of what I can out of both paths (apparently some classes are recommended which are not given by the school, and some classes are recommended which I can’t take, as things stand right now).

What appears to be crystal clear is that I should not aim for a job in Public Libraries; regardless of the altruism of my motivations, I’m probably not the right type of person for it.  Everything appears to point to the fact that I would likely not be happy in the position of a Public Librarian.

And it remains that I only have 10 remaining open slots in which to fit in all of my future courses — unless I work during Summer Session and/or take more than 9 units per semester.  (Or unless I graduate and then take one or two courses on my own.)  With what’s happened over this Winter break, maybe I should take Summer Session, just to keep myself sane.

I should probably really take up my co-worker’s offer to talk to the person in our system who works in Cataloging…and I have a book (now that I think about it) on non-traditional jobs utilizing LIS skills, which I can read.  I keep forgetting about it because it’s an electronic book, so it doesn’t stand out to me as a resource I actually have.  (This book is What’s the alternative?:  Career options for library and info pros, by Rachel Gordon.)  I would have checked it out from the library again, but our extra copies have somehow disappeared.  :/  Hmm.  Not to mention that it’s now out of print.

Speaking of electronic resources, I’ve just found the libraries subreddit, in case I ever forget it in the future.  I wouldn’t even have thought of Reddit, but one of my classmates mentioned it last semester, and at least this subreddit appears interesting.

At this point, I seem to have outlasted the migraine.  This much is good…

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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