…oh right, happy new year!

Do I make this a mad dash to try and fit in everything that has happened and which I have realized, in the last three days?  (As an adult, I’ve never been a person for birthdays or holidays, much…)

Well, for one thing, I have started working on a webcomic script.  It’s not much, but it is pointing out things that I need to know to proceed further.

Everything I’ve read, in regard to comics, at least, says that script format doesn’t matter, as long as I know what’s going on:  especially as the script is not meant to be interpreted by someone else.  I did try and take a scriptwriting class some time ago, if you remember (click my “scriptwriting” tag to see more — not the one populated by the Reader), but dropped it because it was implicitly for filmmaking.  And, because my teacher was biased in a way which conflicted with (okay, was offensive to) me.

I have (very) little interest in filmmaking, at the moment; so while last night I did remember to note to myself to look at some scriptwriting books today at work, this morning I realized that I would run across exactly the same problem with the majority of those books.

Really, I think that if I were trying to get back into writing a script for a webcomic, books on writing stories in general (maybe short stories, in particular) would probably be more helpful than books on writing screenplays.  Books have narratives; screenplays can totally lack this dimension (and in the class I dropped, did totally lack this dimension).

As regards University:  I need to get on working through some things as regards researching future career paths.  This is one thing to do when I don’t know what to do.  (Reading, is another.)

I should not assume that Cataloging is going to work out as well for me as I think it is going to work out; I need to be doing some self-assessments, and probably doing some work prior to (and in addition to) going back to my Vocational program.  This means doing some work over the holiday as regards career path and class options.

In particular, I’m going to at least want to work out a potential class pathway and see if I will need to fill in some gaps as regards the specific Competencies we are supposed to cover through our courses — in addition to my Foundation courses.

I also need to be looking at what job positions I can move into which will help advance my career as a future Information professional.  Right now I am most interested in Academic or Special Libraries — Knowledge Management sounds fun — though narrowing down a search to a new immediate job which will be fulfilling (or, at least, a good experience) should be easier after doing more homework.

There are some optional readings I didn’t do while classes were in, which may be good to follow up on, now.  And I should get back to my co-worker about talking to a Cataloger for an informational interview.

There are two more classes that I can see myself taking out of the Library Science part of the program:  Collection Development, and Reference Interviews.  (The other night, I read through most of the offerings of my school which looked applicable to me…but was on my lightweight computer, so didn’t do as much work as I could have at my main terminal.)  These two classes will very much impact me if I do decide to move on within the Library sphere, regardless of whether those libraries happen to be Public, Academic, or Special.

I also need to pick up a book that I’ve been thinking on, for a while.

Aside from this, I have done some work with watercolors and brushes…but this thing has enough metadata attached to it, as it is.  I’ll post about that, next.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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