This is unfocused, I’m sorry ;)

I’m not entirely sure what I am going to write about tonight — and considering it’s after 10 PM here, and I have a little bit of discomfort in my ears, and I have an early morning tomorrow, maybe I should just go to bed.

Today…I had my second driving lesson with someone who actually is teaching me fundamentals.  There are a number of things I need to look out for, though.  Most of them would probably be embarrassing to list, so I’ll keep them to my hard copy records.

I did find out that the black Uni-Ball Signo pens I have for — taking notes, realistically — probably aren’t the best things to be drawing with.  I went over some marks with water and a brush (though I’ve got to say I didn’t let it dry too long), and the ink did spread.  What this tells me is that yes, I actually do have to use my Microns and Copics, for now, if I want to go over something later with wet media.

Darn.  (I’m scared of ruining the good pens)

Also…it’s weird.  I’m having many more categories of life and learning other than dealing with the day-to-day at my job.  I did call my counselor for my Vocational program, today; however, I was reading over the packet of materials she sent me some months ago…and I only had 90 days from being admitted to set up an appointment.  Which means, I have about two weeks left in which to see her.  I’m not sure if it’s happening.

On top of that, I’m not sure if it needs to happen — or if I’ll gain anything from it, if what I had been thinking of won’t go through.  What I originally wanted was career counseling, but I’m much more certain about my direction now than I was three months ago…possibly because I know no Catalogers to informationally interview and tell me that the reality isn’t what I’m thinking.  But I’m aware now that I need to arc away from Information Services and toward Information Science, if I stay in the field at all.

I’ve also hit a point where I’ve realized that not all of my life and time must be centered around earning money now, or finding a way to help me earn money, later.  I’m very certain my guitar is helping me with this.  Right now — I’ve been learning the background rhythm section to a song that I have mentioned before (“Promise” by Akira Yamaoka), and …it’s interesting, the effect that sound, and combinations of sounds, can have on people.  With me it feels really…primal, in the same way one feels when presented with an art piece which takes up one’s entire field of vision.

Maybe I just get lost in the sound?  My reading has suggested that I’m very introverted, and thus maybe the gentle sound of my guitar is something that I can get fully lost in, as I’d have a higher response to softer stimuli.

In any case, I just took a 15-minute break to practice, and feel like I’m going to raise blisters if I practice any more, right now:  so I might as well write.  😉  The upshot of this is that I think I learned the repeating riff in the background of said song, and it’s not difficult to play, once the fingering and rhythm is learned.

Well, I suppose you could say that about most any song played on guitar!

Earlier tonight, as well:  I did manage to complete most of the readings due this Sunday for the one of my classes which promises to take up the vast majority of my time for the next three weeks.  After I reached some long FAQ, though, and had read almost everything else, I decided…that’s enough.  Really, that’s enough.  I need to do something else.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a day where I’ll have to crunch some work in…largely because of my group.  Then Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Before next Tuesday, I’ll need to have my interview questions finalized, and hopefully fit in more driving practice.  After next Tuesday, it appears I’ll be coasting to the last day of classes, when an absurd amount of assignments are due.

Well.  College.  I PAY FOR THIS.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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