Plans for tomorrow?

Please don’t hold it against me, but I’d rather not talk about what just happened.  For now.

Looking to brighter aspects of life…I should be making a trip out, tomorrow.  I need to pick up earring stoppers (I didn’t tell anyone here, but I ended up taking out my 14g rings, because I wanted to wear my own designs, again), and then hit the stone shop and the art store.

I’ve not been spending much, except on essentials — and books.  I want to alter this.  There is a bead show coming up near me, but I’ve tentatively decided not to go.  This is largely because, even though I do have at least one idea for a new earring design (bridging off of one of my prior original macrame designs), it doesn’t require much; and going to that show will have me spending at least $80-$120.

The dismay I feel is around all the new types of glass two-hole beads.  I know I will want some, and I know that they are so varied, at this point, that I could not hope to match colors and also get a good selection of shapes, unless I decide on a color palette beforehand (though roses and violets with gold and copper, tend to go well with my skin tone).

Well — maybe if I did limit myself, it would turn out OK…the “Piggy” beads, for example, are ones I’ve wanted to play with.  (These are domes with two off-center, asymmetrical holes.)  Recently, as well, two out of my three local bead stores either went under or online-only, so…this weekend may be a rare chance to see the beads in person before buying.  On the other hand, I can always buy online.  This includes the desire to get fresher colors of cords for knotting (color palettes for clothing and jewelry come in and go out with the seasons; I am no longer sure how dated my bead and cord collections are).

I suppose I can see what my workload looks like, come the weekend…and if I buy any gems at the stone shop.  If I spend $80 on stones, I’m likely not going to the bead show.

Otherwise, I also want to visit the art store to get another roll-up carrier for colored pencils, as I’ve realized that I have not used my colored pencils much at all since I got a giant wallet case for them (I have way too many colors of pencil; my collection dates back to high school).  This is largely because the case fits the pencils so tightly that I’ve broken leads getting them in and out of their elastics.  Something like the threat of breaking all your leads internally through bending, will really discourage use.  I have, however, found a rolling case for about $5, which is much more pencil-friendly.  I have two of them filled up already, and just need one more for the earth tones and skin tones.

While I’m there, I’ll look for gold gouache (I have a brand in mind), unless it’s already been bought up — and blank watercolor greeting cards.  While I’m at it, I might as well get a Phthalo Green in gouache, too.

I think I’ll be satisfied with that, without the bead show.  Hell, I’ll be satisfied with that, without stones.  But I did just look at my rock collection…it could be more interesting to drop by the stone store than the bead convention.  I slightly ache, and though these stones are relics from a time when I had more belief in their energetic properties…I can’t help but feel a little delighted at seeing them again.  It’s been so long…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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