Restarted playing guitar!

Sooo…I have not been having the most fun or productive past two days.  I think I’m getting library burn-out (working for a library half-time and going to Library School full-time means that I have to make time for myself to do things NOT library-related).

It’s very apparent that I have the need to work on my studies in the back of my mind for most of my waking time:  not helped by not having turned in those two 2-point discussion topics.  From my present vantage point, it seems that because I’ve expected myself to work for the majority of my waking hours (except when eating), I’ve opted instead to retreat to bed, instead of doing something for myself which constitutes “living”…like, you know, the reason for obtaining gainful employment.

This…isn’t really a healthy pattern.  I’ve been asleep or in bed the majority of today and yesterday, when I could have been up and active (or doing homework).  It has, however, been cold, dark and rainy for both of these days, so I suppose that didn’t help.

Tomorrow, as well:  more work.  My schedule is drastically different from what it was last semester, when I was working three days in a row and then had four off in a row (when I was attending classes).  Right now, my largest break in between work is two days, and I have schoolwork to do, majorly (not to mention chores) on the days when I am not working.

But I suppose I am in nine units, which by itself is at least 27 hours of time that needs to be set aside for studies.  Add that to the 18 I’m working, and…45 hours a week?  (At least there is no commute back and forth to school, in there.  Nor do I have to worry about food prep.)

Anyhow, while wandering around kind of like a zombie today and wondering what I could do with my free time (what’s that? you mean when I have a choice of what to do? …choice? what does that mean?) I recalled that in my last post I had said that if money weren’t a factor, I would be playing classical guitar.  So I wandered over to where my guitar was sitting (for about the past 6 months, at least), dusted it off, tried to tune it, and started playing around with it.  Just as something purely for myself, with no thought of employment strategy influencing my activities.

As guitars are wont to do with soft fingers, my fingertips on the left hand are now sore (I’m using a steel-string, which doesn’t help; but it’s still a relatively forgiving guitar).  If I keep this up, though, my fingertips should be better and callused by the middle of this week.  Once the calluses have built up and gone away several times, they tend to come back more quickly next time they’re needed.  It’s the same reason why I’ll be fine after beginning a new macramé project, once I’m two days into it:  the pinky skin that gets sore because of my knotting toughens up really fast, now.  It also recovers quickly after I stop, which is nice.

The inspiration for restarting this was GITS:SAC OST 3, Track #9, “Mikansei Love Story”.  (That is:  Ghost in the Shell:  Stand Alone Complex, Original Soundtrack 3, Track #9, “Incomplete Love Story”.)  It’s actually one of my favorite songs among the GITS: SAC OST tracks.

The thing about this track is that it cannot be picked out without using one’s whole hand, or alternately, multiple guitar players (which there are anyway, but to me it really sounds like the main melody is one or two people, using a classical style of playing).  Classical guitar uses one finger per string, excepting the thumb, which plays the two bass strings.  The way I was originally taught was not a classical style; we were taught to strum and use a pick, which feels to me, at this point in my experience, like a very limited way of playing (we were basically all playing rhythm guitar).

But I suppose that we were actually never even taught to recognize the chords as written in musical notation or by ear, either, so the class (or two) I took was accordingly, very basic.  Ideally as well, if I were using a classical style of playing, I would be using a Classical guitar, which has a wider finger-board and nylon strings instead of steel.  But at the time I got this guitar, I preferred the sound of steel strings.  My hands and body are also not as large as they could be, so it’s a bit easier for me to use a steel-string.

I have yet to see whether the size of this guitar (it’s full-size; whereas I learned on a 3/4 size guitar) is going to hurt my back again like it used to.  Optimally, that is, I’m not supposed to be looking at my fingers, but I am; this causes me to arch over the top of the guitar, and that can hurt one’s back over time.

Well, maybe I will try this as a way to unwind, when I’m too out-of-it to think, and don’t want to draw or read or write.  There’s something about music that gets me to wake up a bit, at least…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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