I am intentionally not doing homework right now.

I think that the homework and study thing is decently under control.  I have about two to three days to complete this next round of work — most of that is reading, but there is some writing as well.  And, well, database stuff.

It just seems that for the past week, the vast majority of my waking time has been either going into preparing for this semester, getting used to the user interface, reading for this semester, or doing homework.  To be honest, I’m not even…really aware of whether I am (or will be) qualified to be an Art Librarian after I get out of this program.  It seems like a narrow goal.

And…you didn’t see that, but WordPress is telling me that I just spent an hour crafting an email to one of my old professors, between this paragraph and the last.

One thing that I’ll have to keep in mind is that if I’m going to be sitting down at this computer for long periods of time, I’ll also need to factor in time to move and stretch.  I actually exercised yesterday for the first time in months, because all I did otherwise was sit in one place and eat.  Yes, it gets boring after a while, doesn’t it?

And I want to prevent another round of that weight-gain that I got in my first semester.  I noticed that I had a lot more energy at work, today, though.  Maybe the sit-ups and push-ups and leg lifts increased my metabolism that much?  I don’t know, but I did shelve an Adult Nonfiction cart in 15 minutes, whereas it normally takes me 25.  Usually, the only carts that can be shelved in 15 minutes are the A/V carts, New books, or Picture Books.  I guess I was just kind of ebullient, today.  It kind of makes me wonder what would happen if I actually did go for a walk.  I didn’t exercise enough to be noticeably sore…except when I stretch.  Then, it hurts!

I’m sure that eating tons of fresh produce helped, too.  Pretty much the only unhealthy things I ate today or yesterday were candy corn (sugar + corn syrup + shellac D:) and brownies (after the brownies had been baked, that is:  I didn’t make them, I just ate them).  It actually is worth it to go to the produce market, because then we get a ton of fresh food; and when there is a ton of fresh food, I eat (most of a ton of) fresh food.  Not to mention that preparing fresh food (like the salad I did last night) is a good excuse for getting out from in front of this computer.

I have also discovered the little wonder that is a Manzano banana.  “Manzano” means “Apple,” and appropriately enough, Manzano bananas taste like apples but have the texture of firm Cavendish (normal) bananas, with a tiny bit more seediness.  It’s a little addictive!  Not to mention that they’re only about 4″ long.

I would have picked up some baby (Niño) bananas last time (about 3″), which I’ve heard taste like guava; but they all looked a bit bruised up, and possibly refrigerated.

Anyhow, I came back to write in the blog because of needing to get away from the homework.  HAD TO GET AWAY FROM THE HOMEWORK.  In any case, I’m feeling a bit better, now.

Maybe I should work on my homework for the Vocational program, instead of working more at this LIS thing, for now.  I can also transfer my files so I can work offline.

And I really don’t want to deal with any more tech stuff, right now.  I think I’ll go read a book.  Which is made of dead trees.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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