And…I think we are a go

Not to be too optimistic, but it’s actually so much more motivating when you have a goal that you at least (think you) want and would love.  I’ve…it’s 10 PM already?!

I’ve spent the last several hours working out what needs to happen for the Special Librarianship track to be a go, and what courses I’ll need to take over the next three years.  I have three semesters where I’m at 12 units, and the other three are at 9.  (This is without Summer Intensives.)

M has told me not to worry about the BA in Art History being the minimum qualification for entry into the field of Art Librarianship.  As I already have an AA in Art, it may take 1-2 additional years for me to achieve that BA; and after all the schooling I will have been through, it will probably be easy.

I got to this point after attempting to break into a couple of books on Art History (as versus the books on art practice) and realizing that although I wanted to know this information, a lot of it was relatively new to me.  Particularly, “Art after 1960” is best prefaced by “Art after 1945.”  😉  At least this much I have realized!

I have had the pressing need to work on some art, but in reality, most of my time today has been taken up sleeping, eating, or working on the schedule…not necessarily in that order.  (And yes, my back is getting sore on the mouse side of my body.)

And can you believe that little tomatillo I’ve been drawing is still alive???  I’ve been thinking of trying to do an acrylic study of it in low light — the low-light thing being relatively critical, meaning I’d have to work quickly in the late afternoon…or bring down a desk lamp and work at night.  I have no idea how long that little thing is going to last, or if I should get a new one.  😀  In any case, it’s here now and it will (probably) still be here after I get off of work.

Part of the reason I’ve picked Art Librarianship is that I’ve been asked to think about what demographic it is I want to serve.  It could be really cool to work with arts-type people, and help find information for them to help them facilitate upcoming programs and research.  I have heard that the money isn’t all that great, but I think that the environment and the people I’d be around and working with — plus my own interest in the subject matter — would more than balance that out.

I think that working in that environment, as well, will be easier for me so far as both inspiring me to work on my own art, and not having to worry about public opinion where it comes to what I do with my own artistic expression.  Well — maybe I should say that the public can have an opinion, but that opinion won’t be expressly and directly tied to my means of living.

This has all really only come together over the past week.

I have about three weeks to prepare for my Vocational intake appointment…and three weeks before University starts.  I still need to read over my tutorials, and probably make some effort to read ahead in my textbooks, while I have the time.  There is also that awful Management text that I never finished, which I have been avoiding like the plague because it’s so poorly written as to be incomprehensible in some areas.  But I will have to show evidence of knowing what it’s trying to say, so I suppose I should get back to the attempt, at least, to plow through those last 1.5 chapters.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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