And to think…

…if I had a full-time job…what would my off-work hours look like?

If time permits, it would be nice to spend tomorrow painting and reading.  I’m in the process of getting over some kind of food poisoning — either this, or I ate way too much fruit.  Kinda sad, too, because there was a pineapple in there that I never got to taste…

I did make it out to the Farmer’s Market last weekend, then proceeded over the next few days to eat, cumulatively, probably about a pound and a half of nectarines.

So it could have been that.  😛  In any case, I was sick nearly all night between Monday and Tuesday.  (I’m feeling better at this point.)  At the same time, I look at my lack of productivity where it comes to my blog and where it comes to my artwork, and kind of sigh.

I think I’m working 18 hours per week, right now.  While it isn’t very much, it’s more than I was working while I was in classes.

…and it is work.  Plus, writing about work, in public, isn’t the best idea I ever had.

I did just realize that I forgot (again) to ask my Head Librarian about work-study options for the upcoming semester.  Thankfully, I’ve reached the point where I’m nearly ready to take on classes, again.  It only took, what, two months and a breakdown leading to an identity reorientation and refreshed purpose for living?

The Art program was kind of hard to manage.  I think that what I need to work on most, where it comes to my art, is trying to let up on myself and enjoy the process, more.  It would be nice to try and get more “loose” with my work, though I think that probably the best way to do that would be either a third session of Figure Drawing, or getting back into acrylic painting.  Or paper-cuts.

Watercolor…isn’t as easy to be loose, with.  I mean, sure, it unintentionally flows everywhere…and it’s difficult to control.  But mistakes are hard to “erase,” if they can be worked over, at all.  In the latter sense, acrylic is more forgiving and easier to take risks with.

And now that I’m thinking back to acrylics…gah.  The one thing that the school studio has that I don’t have, is an easel.  I do have a modified drawing table which can hold canvases; I just fear that the little slat we put on the bottom of it is going to break off (or just break).  It’s very different to work with an upright canvas, than it is to work with a horizontal one — I’ve done both.  I put off getting an easel this long…but I can see the use for it, now.

And, hey hey.  I just had a wave of fatigue wash over me, so I think it’s time for me to get some rest…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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