So I guess I actually did have something to write about!

Still no artwork done, though I do want to play around with my colors — I’m just not sure to what extent.  The other day, I tried closing that Mijello palette, and had one of my earth tones fall, in a dried chip, from the lid.  Not very encouraging, that…though it would have been worse if I actually had anything painted out in the lower mixing area.  Right now I’m fairly certain that maybe I shouldn’t put anything I really want to use, in that lid…

I realized either late last night, or early this morning, that what I had done with my last post — that is, view one information source, see another information source cited, look up that information source, read that information source — seemed very typical for someone looking to become a Librarian (or academic, in general).  I’m also following a path which would prepare me well for being a lifelong academic (which working in the Library seems as though it will entail).

The thing seems to be, though, that these types of academic-seeming posts (and conversations) are not as wholly interesting to the people I’ve been speaking to, as they are to me.  In particular, when I was talking about the aftermath of the bomb at Hiroshima, it wasn’t pleasant conversation to (one of) the people I was sharing the information with.  There was just a lot of death, and a lot of racist dehumanization (the latter of which, I think the author of the New Yorker article was trying to counteract); and regardless of how fascinated I was by beginning to read again and being exposed to the information of the aftermath via sources closer to the time (which I could have been exposed to no other way), it’s possible that others didn’t want to know.

So far as reading has gone today, though?  Not much done.  Today was largely 1) getting up late, 2) heading out for a celebratory lunch (which for me consisted of a half-bucket of clams and mussels with sourdough — I’ve found out that I like mussels better), 3) coming home, 4) going back to sleep.  Hopefully, this is not going to be a pattern.  But as things are, that’s the only thing (besides some chips and some sugared drinks, including a root beer float) I’ve eaten all day, and I’m not too hungry, right now.

Of course, though, I only woke up about two hours ago, when I realized that since it was still light out, it would be best to try and be active as versus sleep.  If I’m not careful, I may be up into the early morning.  Actually — that’s more likely than not, and right now it’s nearly unavoidable.  The best thing I could do would be to try and sleep, and then get up at 4 AM or whatever and do what I’m going to do anyway.

I did take my new journal with me to write within, but it was kind of too nice of a day to ignore it by writing.

Study-wise…I have 47 pages to go in my poorly-edited Library/Info. Systems Management text from 2012 (the one which has at least one nonsensical “sentence” every two pages).  I scanned through my textbook for the other major course I took in 2012, and that one seems to be wholly read-through (I can tell from the highlights).  The other text I can look at…is something that turned me off to the entire program when I tried reading it in 2012; it’s very old-school.  But, like I said to my friend:  Actual history will make you angry, and there’s no point in reading pablum.

There’s material in that book about how Librarianship is a “helping” or “caring” profession (I can’t remember exactly which) — like Nursing — and so the (male) person who founded the ALA thought women were better suited to the job because women were better at “caring.”  It’s total sexist BS, and it’s insulting to me as a female-bodied person who’s really not great at, “caring,” for other people, at all.  But maybe the BS was needed in order to give some approvable reason to hire women preferentially (when most other avenues of employment were closed to them, as women were seen as “unsuited” for the work — out of sexist BS).  These days there are male Librarians, and the ones I know are awesome — but they are still a minority.

Speaking of BS:  it’s kind of like I wasn’t exposed to the reality of the Mission project (between Baja and Northern California) from the point of view of the Native people (who were basically conscripted/enslaved/assimilated) until I got into undergraduate work.  When I was a kid, they basically probably didn’t want to upset us or encourage sociopolitical discontent (like what, a child uprising?).  Though now that I think of it, it is possible they were scared of us; we did way outnumber them, and our brains weren’t fully developed yet; so maybe they were just trying to protect themselves from a bunch of upset kids.

I kind of do wonder, based on what we were taught, and the books that were in the Library (one of which was an anthropological/phrenological tract on the differences between 3 major races, from before modern genetics and modern anthropology…seemingly before modern medicine), exactly how long ago those lesson plans were made (from whose point of view, for whose benefit), and who thought those books were select ones to which to expose youth (many of whom were not White, and so whom may have been damaged by the racist ideas promoted in that book, which to this day remind me of Neocolonial discourse).

Granted, I did read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison (not to mention Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver) in my later high school years, but I was too young and sheltered to be able to fully understand it.  (No one even told me about racism until after I encountered it; I must have been a teen.  I think they were hoping that if they didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have to deal with it.)  What was a bit irritating was getting to the English program at University and being assigned the same books to read as I had read in High School.



In any case, I feel like I should read, some more.  It would probably be a good habit to get into, if I want to be a Librarian.  Have extra time?  Don’t know what to do?  Read!

Though, then, I’m not sure how I’d fit in my Art.  I do see my little Maruman sketch book, right next to me.  Maybe I can see how it performs with wet media, after I get tired of reading, tonight…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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