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There are a number of things I could touch on, but maybe it’s best if I separate some of them out for future posts.

Today has been rather…well, I would say it has been rather quiet, but fact is that I’ve ended up with my bedroom and office rearranged.  I’m much happier with it this way, as I had been concerned about my giant bookcase falling over next to my bed in the event of a large earthquake.  I should be sleeping in the guest room tonight while my bedclothes are laundered.

Why the big fuss?  I kept finding small insects — at least, I think they’re insects (for instance, I’ve found that pillbugs are actually crustaceans) — where I was working with papers in my bed.  No more were found today, meaning that the two I did find (at separate times) probably came off of the papers I was working with.

These guys are a type of bug I know — springtails.  They’re a little tiny type of bug, probably 2mm long at maximum, that can’t breathe without moisture.  My bedroom is right next to the bathroom…which is why I thought they would even be around.  I had notified my parents when I saw each one, but I think it really bothered M much more than it bothered me.  Anyway, this is why my room got taken apart, today.

Springtails don’t really bother much…they normally live where there is soil (or decomposing plant matter) and water.  They don’t bite.  They don’t do much of anything except be annoying by being where they shouldn’t be, though I would think they may eat paper.  They can be kind of freaky if you don’t know what they are, because they often show up in large numbers — and jump away when you try to smash or drown them (though like any mobile creature, they will get tired of this after a while).  They are called springtails because they use a little barbule like a tail, to flip themselves away from danger.  In a garden, I think they’re considered beneficial insects.

I think M was bothered because of the fact that they travel in groups and they jump, but unlike fleas, they are harmless to people.  They might not be harmless to my books, though.

I feel kind of sorry for them.  They look like tiny tiny grains of rice with two little antennae sticking off of them.  🙂  We didn’t see them at all until they showed up, probably from the garden, because of standing water in a fountain which attracted them.  A tiny thing like that could easily get through a gap and inside.

Anyhow, I probably brought them into the bedroom with my homework — meaning that the area where my school supplies are, needs to be cleaned — and I’m not supposed to work on paper in my bed, anymore.

The good part, though, is that now I should get full light on my desk!  (During the daytime, at least.)  And everything looks a lot better — there is less dust, everywhere, which means that for someone like me who is allergic to dust, it’s happy time.  🙂

Tomorrow and the day after, I will need to prepare for my final classes in Creative Process and Figure Drawing.  On Wednesday, if I haven’t done it already, I’ll need to work on the final two paintings for Watercolor — both of which involve liquid frisket (which I don’t want to use, but it’s required).  After that, I’ll be free.

I did try and go in to work, yesterday, but was sent home because I looked pale and ill and was running a fever (still!  I guess the thermometer wasn’t broken).  What’s good is that I was able to use the last of last year’s allotted sickleave, and I found a small gift which lessens the blow of not having been to work in two weeks.  I haven’t been spending much, either.  I’ll probably be okay.

Apparently, I have a very slow-moving virus which is probably a flu; my fever was milder today than it has been.  I can only hope that it will continue to get better.  Right now, though, I’ve lost about 3 lbs. of my “emergency stash” of extra weight.  😉  Don’t worry, I have a lot more to go before I’ll need to be concerned.  🙂  I do look slimmer, though; it’s kind of amazing.  I think I’ve been sweating off the weight…

The very very good part about this is that after this Thursday, these classes will all be over, and I’ll be free to work on my own projects, outside of my work schedule.  I’m just hoping to avoid pneumonia as I heal, because at this point in time, it’s apparent that antibiotics don’t always work.  (And yes, I did allow myself to put on that weight because I was anticipating something like this.  There was a long time when I only weighed 70 lbs. — later when I couldn’t get above 110 — and getting pneumonia at that weight is scary.)

Otherwise…hmm.  I have had the urge to write, earlier this week, but the things I’ve wished to write about can attract some attention I probably don’t want.  If you knew me from before WordPress, you would know what I mean.  🙂

I just kind of have a tendency to be attracted to controversial/taboo/imaginative/restructuring (yet largely harmless) topics in general, although at this point in my life I have some very clear reasons for not falling into the subcultures that I’ve visited, observed, and participated in, in what would aptly be called my “youth.”  (I also have some very clear reasons why being in those subcultures could be justified.)  And, not all of them are really great topics to get into when I may connect this blog (or other blogs I may author), at some point, with an identity that can be traced back to me.

Yeah…internets be scary, sometimes.  😉

This is where forums are useful!  Yes?

Ah, but seriously…some of those places, if they existed IRL, I totally would not go to!  I’d be all like, “don’t leave me alone here!”  And in some cases, I’m just not enough of a, “believer.”  You can’t be, when you’re so creative that you backtrack and try different options and try and figure out why you think what you do, and everyone else is like, “PICK A POSITION, ALREADY,” and I’m like, “but I have insights!  Insights!!!”

In any case, hehe, well, we’ll see if I get brave enough to talk about some of that stuff.  Later.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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