Guess who is sick during Finals?


I have been trying to write out a synopsis or rough draft of this blog post for just under the past week.  Each time, I’ve gotten so sleepy that I abandoned the attempt.

There is definitely something going around — I’m almost certain I picked this up from work.  For most of the past week, I’ve been asleep or bedridden.  At this point, most of my symptoms have abated to the point where I can do things — except for a slight fever, plus the sleepiness.  And, having to cough and blow my nose, occasionally.  At least I can breathe through my nose, now, though.  Lots of zinc lozenges and echinacea, here.

I’ve meant to post the sketch I made at Japantown, though I haven’t had the energy or presence of mind to photograph it in daylight.  I will need to do so, though — my Final Portfolio for this class (Figure Drawing) is due next week.  Most of the work to be done there is visual compositing…and printing, plus some drawing which shouldn’t be too hard — I found the perfect perch for that sometime today (? my time-telling capacity is lacking, due to all of my waking time blending together).  In any case, I’ve found a nice place to draw an interior environment, which is the only full assignment I can complete at this point.  Everything else is drawing in backgrounds (3 images).

My goal is just to get the portfolio in, in the best state I can, as versus not turning it in at all — otherwise, I get an Incomplete; and a C is better than an Incomplete.  I think it’s fairly obvious what kind of complication that makes…I would have to retake this course over Summer Session, in order to get my degree before Library School starts up in Fall.

Not that the degree would really matter for anything but a resumé (and I’m sure it would look like a good representation of my interests on a resumé), but still.

It has been recommended I speak to one specific English professor (the one who recommended this to me was a DSPS counselor [I note this so I can remember who she is]), with a view as to how I can use my skills in Writing, in the job market.  (My major problem is that I need income stability, because I need health insurance — this means that freelancing isn’t a great option.)  It also would be good to speak to the head of the Art Department, if I can see her before the end of Finals.

The issue is that I would like a creative job, but well-paying creative jobs are hard to come by in the U.S.  I know people immediately jump to Pixar, but given my experience with the person who taught at Pixar (though they weren’t permanent staff), there’s a definite issue with culture, there.  (It’s the same issue with culture that I found in Santa Cruz, ironically; and I don’t know what to call it.  It’s kind of like what happens when overt racism is driven underground, and people want to appear nonracist…though they don’t know what that means.)

To be honest, what I actually want to try to do is work at an art supply store, though time is ticking down on my Master’s program in Library/Information Science (MLIS).  I’m sure that my options with the latter degree will be broader and better compensated; and likely more environmentally tolerant, than what I could find working for a corporation like Blick.  (Of course, there is also the option of working inventory/cataloging for someplace like Blick, afterwards — in which case, I should take the seminar on Issues in Special Libraries, when I can.  I probably don’t need Issues in Public Libraries — I’m already working here; I freakin’ know already.)

I know that 10 years of service in the public sector may forgive my remaining loan balance for the MLIS; I have at least 5 years in place, already, but I don’t know if they count.  If they don’t…let me just say that it is tough to work in a Public Library.  The last two times I went in to work, it was literally like the kids had been throwing the books all over the tables, floors, furniture, etc.  The adult sections were fine; it was the kids who were apparently unsupervised (or supervised by someone who didn’t care).

Granted that if I were a Librarian, it wouldn’t be my job in specific to pick up, check in, and reshelve all of the books.  I would just be the one telling the kids not to scream and run around and use the tables as playground equipment.

I’ve just been absent from the LIS environment (online) for so long that…eh, I don’t know.  Well, at least I have a second plan if Library School doesn’t work out.

I did just talk to M and D about the possibility of taking this LIS program in one year.  Theoretically, it’s possible, but not easy; and as D mentioned, I do have a tendency to freeze up under pressure.  However, if I can do it…I could theoretically take more than two classes per semester, and get out early.  If I remained an Aide/LSA under my current supervisor, I’m sure this would be workable, although I would still be getting paid pretty poor wages for my labor.

Granted that I am almost working a Clerk position already, but without the power or compensation.  It would probably be an easy slide to Clerk; not so much to Library Assistant.  From what a co-worker did tell me before, though; and what has been clarified:  becoming a Permanent Intermittent worker is not a good option, because the environment of each Library is highly influenced by its location.  Some locations just have bizarre things happening, which have nothing whatsoever to do with the function of the Library.  On top of this, as M said, it isn’t a good thing for me to go in to different locations with different staff (not to mention different patrons) every day, when it’s hard enough for me to deal with people normally.

I have 36 units to go, which translates to 3 years at two classes per semester (without summers), or two years at three classes per semester (without summers).  Could be shorter, if I take four classes per semester — and actually pass, let me be clear.

It will be tight, trying to work in all of my graduation requirements, if I take the 3-year track, though.

I should get on top of planning out courses, this Summer, and maybe plan on two classes in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 (when I’ll have nearly the last of my required courses), then at least three classes per semester for the rest of my time (Fall 2017-Spring 2019).  I also need to place these in hierarchies so that I can see which class to drop, if I have to drop.

Why do I have to work this out on my own?  Online program.  No in-person help.



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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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