The final weeks of this program:

Making a List of Works is like assembling a fricken’ bibliography.

Luckily, I happen to be done with it.  I also have a set of notes printed out — about 1.5 pages of them — though from looking at what I named my pieces in the List of Works, I am thinking that my brain may be pulling me in a different direction than expected.  I did tag “spirituality,” so I guess maybe I should explain:  a lot of my work has to do with recovery…on a lot of levels.  Once I get it straightened out in my head, I can tell you about it, but right now my head’s kind of foggy because it’s so late (and because I took medication on time instead of putting it off until after midnight, like the other day).

I did find the index card case with a bunch of new index cards and some space in an internal filing system, so that much is good.  Also, I was able to recover the previously-purchased pack of paper report covers from M (I need three to five of them:  two for me (one rough; and one working, including speaking notes) and three for the panel.  What I have left to do is assemble these pieces (particularly the notes and oral portion of the presentation), make these and what I already have — my slides and Artist Statement — somehow coherent (as in, relating to each other), and write a short biography (half a page).  There is the option of the resumé in addition, but that’s not my strongest point, at the moment.

It was fairly apparent as I went through the pieces which I could present, that some of the works which are technically nice, have little content behind them.  Case in point:  the nude study which …I don’t think I’ve ever shown here (the model is recognizable), which was the first toned paper exercise in this semester of Figure Drawing.  It was a good exercise in seeing and mapping (a lack of clothes makes things easier to draw:  no clothing folds or wrinkles), but as for story?…there’s not a lot there.

I may have mentioned that I get seven minutes to talk for my oral presentation (only!).  While I was assembling the slides, I noticed that there was some space for notes, so I typed up little blurbs which related to why I had picked each image for each slide, then copied these over and printed them.  I’m thinking that making all these pieces into a coherent whole is going to be my aim for the rest of the time I’m working on this.  Synthesis is something that is difficult for me, though to be honest, everything I’ve done this semester has been difficult for me.

Gah — and then there is the still-life which I had planned to work on right as I got home, which was overridden by needing to work on the oral presentation, more.  I have one day which should be free to finish my work in Watercolor and do absolutely nothing else, which I will not have for the other two classes.

I’m not sure I’m awake enough to tackle the synthesis of my oral, right now.  I’ll probably be nonfunctional in half an hour.  Really, what I need to do is work on what I’ll say and the bio, and that should be it for Creative Process.  Next up — not any less important; perhaps more so — is preparing the rest of my portfolio for Figure Drawing (no portfolio, no pass), which should be relatively mind-numbing where it comes to the technical work…and I may encounter resistance toward the drawing work, as I can’t emphasize enough how much I dislike having to use charcoal.

I actually don’t need a good grade in Watercolor.  In that class, I’m just 1.5 lessons behind.  I may, actually, be able to complete both of these pieces by the night of May 18th, especially as I’m getting to the point where I can complete more than one assignment a day.

If I go without getting ready for bed, here, I possibly could work more on homework — though that’s not the best idea I ever had.

I think I’ll pick up some paper, put it into this folder, take the folder to bed, and either get some sleep or see what happens.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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