Japantown recap

We visited Japantown (also known as J-town and Nihon Machi) earlier today.  I had my first experience visiting a Daiso.  I also was able to stop by Maido — a stationery/art store.  It’s a relatively good thing that I had an idea of what I wanted, already.

Daiso is kind of like a Japanese dollar store.  Everything costs $1.50, unless otherwise marked.  Despite the J-Pop which I think must be annoying to people who speak the language, there is actually some nice stuff in there.

I came away with four plastic boxes — one which can hold a great number of markers and colored pencils (along with a small sketching pad [postcard size]), two tiny little (cheap…I don’t know how long they’ll last) boxes which I can use to sort out and carry my tube watercolors (this should be very useful in the future when I go on sketching dates), and one mid-sized box which holds all of my gouache tubes very nicely.

Ahh, Daiso.  😉

I passed up a number of small glassware bowls which would be useful in cooking — for holding small amounts of ingredients, similar to the small blue bowls I showed in my last food post.  However, I think the people who run Daiso must be measuring the relative value of what they stock — $1.50 for a tiny glass bowl adds up, if you get, say, six of them.  Although it would only be $10 for the set with tax, it’s just kind of weird feeling.

I was also able to check by Maido and pick up some paper in what seem to be non-American sizes, but I can’t be sure.  I did pick up a B5 sketch pad, plus two other pads:  one with very textured paper which will be useful for drawing with media which require friction, and the other which seems as though it might be made for watercolor sketching.  This was not a cheap trip.  The three of these pads, plus a sleeve for finished B5 paintings, ran about $45.

Maido has also taken to stocking papers in domestic sizes (like 9″x12″).  I’m thinking it’s useful if you don’t know about art supply stores…but if you do, the only benefit to getting these papers here is if they stock something which normally isn’t stocked (like Strathmore Mixed Media paper — I’m thinking the big name in Mixed Media papers right now is Canson).

I actually probably should have waited and gone back to Daiso for a holder for finished paintings…I just didn’t.  In the future, I’m thinking of seeing if I can find a nice pen at Maido — there are pens to try out.  I’ve been using a Daiso medium-tip fountain pen, just to try out the feel of one…I’ve found that I’ll probably want a fine tip, if I get a good one at all.  I’ve read that the Japanese fountain pen nibs run finer than others.  (And, I still want to get a light-tone Copic fineliner for watercolor underdrawings.)

This is something I really haven’t decided yet — but, I was able to complete two assignments today.  I colored the Rose composition, and did an outside sketch of the plaza at Nihon Machi.  I am unsure whether to post either of these.  Privacy is becoming something of an issue, as is feeling obligated to post images.  I know both of these things fall back on me.  The biggest thing I’m dealing with right now is realizing that I don’t really need public approval of my work all that much, anymore.  I’m learning that I do have skill, and that I don’t actually have to post things for people to either Like or Steal.

I’m thinking that the entire “Liking” thing is problematic with me, too.  I might feel better or different about this once Finals are over — I have three or four weeks to go.  Although I felt that I needed to log my progress and learning points earlier on in my artistic journey…at this point, I’m learning that what I do is valuable, and I’m moving out of the stage where I didn’t care about unauthorized use of my work (as I didn’t think it was all that good).

Yeah, maybe the issue is privacy.  I just don’t know how I’d share my work with others without posting it online.  Maybe otherwise, I’d be more motivated to give shows and sell things?  I don’t know…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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