Getting my thoughts together.

(For those who couldn’t tell, that last post was meant to be a bridge between fiction and creative nonfiction.)

Saaa…I have two things to finish before Tuesday night.

  1. The final version of my Artist Statement.  (Versions 1 and 2 are done.)
  2. My Body/Humor piece.

I have not yet started my Body/Humor piece.  The vision is there; the execution is not.

I should also upload my review of my classmates’ work.  The week after this, and the week after that, I’ll need to work on my final presentation and my final Sketchbook assignments.

I also need to go to the art store to pick up

  • envelopes for my watercolor work (9″x12″) — I’d say 10-15,
  • something to put those envelopes in (like a presentation case),
  • a small tube of Cotman Cadmium Orange Hue (I saw the new pigment mix via another student, and it is attractive enough and likely useful for what I’m currently working on in Watercolor class (a portrait).  I’m actively avoiding using what I have because I know it’s fugitive — just get a new tube already, right?),
  • possibly a small tube of a Cadmium Red Hue (Deep or Pale, I’ve not yet decided — it depends on pigment composition, ultimately — but I don’t absolutely need this NOW — especially not if I get a board rather than paper for my Body/Humor piece),
  • and a #8 or #10 pointed round watercolor brush — natural fiber, Taklon, or sablette preferred.  Ah, right; and
  • a long board, or piece of watercolor paper for my Body/Humor piece, would help.  I’d probably prefer the board…I want to use my acrylics, again.  GessoBord would be good for a quick setup, or I could get a piece of HardBord and a higher-quality gesso than Liquitex Basics.  I’ll have to see which is cheaper, though I will use the higher-quality gesso if I can get it.

As for the brush:  my #10 Utrecht watercolor round (a lovely responsive sablette brush which can handle detail well) is becoming loose at the place where the ferrule joins the handle.  It may be on its last legs, even though the handle does swell to fit after about 20 minutes of being wet.  I haven’t yet decided whether it is more worth it to get good art supplies (like a natural-hair quill round) now, or save to set up an aquarium.

(One of my co-workers gifted me with an aquarium, and is eager for me to use it.  I’ve set the goal of planting and cycling it in early Summer, and adding fish shortly after.)

I am thinking that I will be working a lot more during the summer, as I won’t have school to worry about.  The additional income could go to the equipment setup for fishes, which will probably be the biggest cost I’ll have to deal with, all Summer.  The aquarium itself would have been prohibitively expensive, though now that’s taken care of; then there are heaters, filters, air pumps, gravel that won’t hurt the fishes’ noses…I already know to use a biofilter (likely ~$60 for a large tank), and I would like to get an airstone.  I can handle siphoning out the poop and decay on the bottom of the tank on a weekly basis…the other major and ongoing cost is the heater.  The fish I want like the water a little warmer than the normal air temperature, here, though just slightly (and not at all, during the Summer).

I’m pretty sure that the ones I want to have are tiger barbs, particularly the green ones (though a mix of colors in a school could be awesome).  They seem really intelligent and active/playful, and I like it when I look at an intelligent (harmless) animal and the animal looks back at me with the same curiosity.  It happens with me and crows, all the time.  (I love crows.  They’re so curious!  I want to play with them when we pass them and they look at me looking at them.)  I kind of feel like tiger barbs will just be an energetic addition to the house (though I am not sure that M will be totally OK with them playing “tag” all the time, or doing other things that captive intelligent animals do).  They do shoal, though, so if I get enough of them (more than six), they may calm down.

I guess it is just one brush.  It would be a go-to, like the 1/2″ Jack Richeson synthetic flat I use generally — though that one has an acrylic handle, so there’s no loosening (or paint flaking, like I’m dealing with from the Cotman brushes, IIRC).  It’s different if I replace all of the synthetic brushes I actually use, with quality natural hair brushes, all at once; but I’m not planning on doing that.

I think Taklon will be good enough, though.  No reason to splurge — not at the end of the semester, at least.  Plus, I can use Taklon with both acrylic and watercolor:  a clear benefit.

It’s been predicted that I’ll need about one full paycheck to make it through my third semester at University.  This is pretty much, nothing…especially as I won’t be making loan repayments.  (I would, realistically, be paying more if I made loan repayments!)  I should try to save something, though.

I do feel like having pets would be a benefit to me, psychologically — like taking care of food and the house benefits me psychologically.

Ay, and then there is the situation with my “housemates”…not my story to tell, though…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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