Some work done…

I was working last night on lineart, and sourcing images.  There’s one piece I’m particularly proud of, even though it does bridge off of a different drawing I did in Special Projects, the last time I took it.  That one is here:

Rose; reference, mine.

This is an enlarged drawing of a close-up of a rose.  A real rose, as contrasted with a silk one, which is what I did last time.  But I did really want a real rose reference, not an interpretation of what a rose looked like and how it was constructed.  Both of the pieces here are waiting for watercolor — this one, though; at least I know what it should look like.

We found the roses at a grocery store…and I went out specifically looking for these.  I was able to take a number of photos; a lot of them turned out really well.  I ended up using this one for my drawing because it was simpler than some of the other photos which had really nice composition, but which would be more difficult to draw (perhaps not so difficult to paint, though — in acrylic).

The other one, I did a couple of days ago and jumped to the rose from it, because I wasn’t entirely getting the concept of what I’d do with it, colorwise.  That one is here:

Not too happy with this one…

I’m not too thrilled with this one, because 1) I need to do some more work on it via hatching (which means I need to figure out the light source), 2) the book is the center of the composition and I’m not sure what to write in its pages, 3) the point of view is from above the subject’s head, as though one were behind them (or the subject has a nightmarishly long neck a la Parasite Eve).

(Sorry, old and dated video game reference.)

It’s hard to tell whether the drawing from reference or the drawing from imagination (as the latter) is harder, though I think the latter is actually harder, for me.  With a reference, I can actually think things out visually before starting on working out the image.  Plus, color and lighting are somewhat already worked out.

Drawing from imagination, though…I think I’ll be more successful with working from life or a photo from life, at this point (and I love the botanical drawings).  I did minorly use my own arm as a reference for this latter piece, but everything else is invented.

I also was able to get out a Tibetan singing bowl, which will be Piece #5.  I haven’t started to draw it yet, though.  What I’m amazed at is that it’s seemed to regain the patina it lost when I tried to remove the stickiness from the price tag with oil, a number of Xmases ago.  This one will probably be fun, because I know what I’ll be drawing.

And…I need to redo the one of the bird on the street (unseen on this blog, as of yet).  My thumbnail was much more zeroed in on the bird and feet, at nearly foot level; my drawing, though, is from a much higher vantage point, and so I got confused with drawing part (but not all) of a figure, how the legs connected to the pelvis, and etc.  The bird isn’t as much a focus of the drawing there, and I really want to fix that (even though it means erasing much of what I’ve done).

That’s all I’ve got for you right now; spirits willing, I should be back with more work done, later tonight.  I was able to tell D, though, that it’s hard for me to prioritize art over writing:  even though the art is what needs to be done, and the writing is covering the progress on the art that I’m not making because I’m writing so much.  😛

Wish me luck!


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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