Update on the Series assignment…

The midterm paper that I’d entirely forgotten about is now complete.  Nine pages as versus the three required.  I think that maybe I learned that thing about stretching out your material, too well, when I was in high school.  They don’t really teach that conciseness helps in the adult world…

I’ve still got to finish the background for my Figure Drawing midterm, but for some reason I feel like it can wait.  Burnout after the marathon drawing during Spring Break, maybe?

Still, there’s the issue of getting too tired to do anything after 11 PM (caused by sedation).  This has been unplanned for in recent days, leading me to do things like fall asleep with the light on, between 10 PM and 7 AM.  Luckily, I also have the option of going to bed early tonight and waking early tomorrow in order to work — classes don’t start until afternoon.  It works out much better when I do this, than when I try and stay up until my work is done.

I have an alternate plan for the Series project in my Creative Process class, which didn’t hit me until about 11 last night.  Apologies for being intentionally vague, the first time I mentioned this; I have a bit of trouble with being cryptic when I don’t know whether I should be talking about something, or not.  (Like, do I post all of my work?  Does that help me in any way?  Do I keep the best, portfolio-quality stuff off the internet and only show it to people in-person?  Do I use Digimarc?)  I also have a tendency to “over-share,” which isn’t the easiest thing to deal with.

My concept sketches of what I was talking about as regards that project are also not the greatest quality.  I was just trying to note what I was thinking of, before it fled my mind; hence, the point of view of each bit, and the perspective are all messed up.  I can see, though, that if I’m talking about something here that would be more efficiently communicated visually (like a design, or like fine differentiations between shades of red), it would help to use visual media to actually do so (granted that the camera or scanner doesn’t distort the color out of recognizability; I don’t even know how accurate colors remain, after applying Levels and Contrast/Brightness adjustments to counteract camera artifacts [like a reddish cast in dim lighting]…if that’s the right term.  And then, colors come out differently on everyone’s monitors, anyway…).

It’s just tons easier to actually mesh word and image in a sketchbook.  I don’t have to get out my camera, hope the automatic setting works, take the photos, upload the photos to my hard drive, process the photos, and then upload them here, and then screw around with the formatting so that it doesn’t look awful.

It’s just a bit of extra effort, especially since my printer/scanner died.  I also don’t get as many “Likes” on my Image postings as I do on my text-heavy ones, here, though I do collect silent extra follows.  I’m not sure what is behind that dynamic (though I admit, I am one of the types who often follow a blog without explanation).

My battery also ran down on my camera for the first time in a long while, yesterday.  It kind of came as a shock.  We’re all recharged now and everything, it was just surprising that I’d been taking that many photos.

Anyway!  The alternate plan for the Series project utilizes watercolor paper and brads, instead of Hardboard and bolts.  What I had been planning previously was to put bolts into the corners of a number of Hardboard pieces, tighten them on with nuts, and run tigertail wire loops behind the bolts in order to string them together and hang them.  I would then be doing acrylic painting on those boards.

Last night, I realized that I could do a much lighter-weight, more precise, more versatile, and lower-cost version of this by working with watercolor paper and brads, instead; and I might not have to utilize wire.  I could even mount these on a lightweight backing for stability (which I might need to, for the top piece) — and it wouldn’t even have to be permanent; it could just be paperboard that I run the brads through, as well.  I already have a hole punch (though I might need one in a slightly smaller size for the tiny brads with the 2mm shanks); multiple sizes of paper; and the multicolored brads.

Heh — in the process of writing this, I remembered where the brads were.  They were in a place that my brain didn’t even register as a storage space, last night — it’s been that long since I’ve gone in there.  (It’s where my guitar capo, finger-picks, music stand, and origami paper were at one time stored.)

Hmm.  I wonder how much more likely it would be that I play the guitar if it weren’t so dusty…and, well, the 30-minute required practice, each day, does add up.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve forgotten how to read music, at this point.  The music stand was used for guitar tabulature…which is kind of sketchy if you find it online (I’ve narrowly avoided malware infection a number of times on these sites).  And…I’m not even really that into music, seriously.  There’s music I like, but it’s difficult to know which group is which, who wrote the songs I do like, and what new music is popular at any given moment.  Plus, not all the music I like has a strong melody; some of it is electronic, and so it sounds like almost nothing when sung, because there are not enough voices to account for all the tracks.

Anyhow.  Didn’t mean to go off on that.

I should go and brush my teeth and wash my face before I become nonfunctional, then maybe start on my Midterm and work until I become walking dead.  Then, go to sleep…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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