New Tag: “Images”; plus organizational stuff.

I finally got tired of not being able to quickly index through my blog and see all of my photos and scans in one place.  Hence, this new Tag.  In lieu of immediately finding a more image-ready blog template, I’ve tagged everything I could find which has an image connected to it, under “Images”.

I’ve learned a couple of things while doing this (sorry about the horizontal lines.  Lack of hard returns within numbering systems equals a formatting nightmare):

  1. If my blog is primarily about visual art — and to be honest, I’m not quite sure what it’s about, at this point — then people who wish to view it will probably veer towards wanting to see visual art posts.  If it’s about writing, Creative Writing posts would be welcome.

    I’m just not sure if or precisely how to separate these two, other than to make another blog.  I’m pretty sure I have people who want to see visual art, and people who want to see writing (and people who like both integrated), at the same time.  I can do my best with the tagging, but right now I’m wondering about how to best serve or guide my audience.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure that I’m almost the only one interested in my career explorations, though that is related to both of the above.

  2. Two:  What is up with the post titles?  Sometimes there will be an image embedded in a file which is primarily (possibly radically) about something else — or otherwise, the connection isn’t made explicit.  And sometimes the post title gives no real hint as to the content of the post.

    This isn’t good where it comes to the Reader, and I only get the post header and first 1-3 lines to try and pique the people who may be interested in the rest of the post.  Working with a “Simpsons”-like writing style and having an intro to the post which is nearly totally unrelated to the rest of the post, doesn’t help me, here.

    (Yes, I have at one time casually analyzed scripts from “The Simpsons”.  Difference is, “The Simpsons” has a strong brand and brand loyalty behind it.  No matter what was on “The Simpsons,” that is, the writers could bet that people would keep watching and still enjoy themselves, as there was something larger promised than plot continuity.  I don’t have that type of thing in place, yet.)

  3. I’ve seen that at one time I was making “Image”-sorted posts, which would hotlink to all posts with the “Image” type when their icon was clicked, but somewhere along the line I seem to have forgotten that this option exists.

    I can also see the point in time when I started to watermark things.  I can only hope that I thought to compress the file sizes and take the ppi down to 72 (my camera’s default is only 180)…but that’s for older work, anyway (likely before I got Photoshop, when I was using The GIMP).

    I think that’s long enough…

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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