Just thinking this out:

So this…this is a lot of work!

I was asked yesterday if I will participate in the Graduation Ceremony at the end of this semester.  What I actually responded, I forget the wording of, but basically, I was leaning against it because it’s “just an A.A.”  Then I was reminded that I’ve done a lot of work to get this A.A…and that’s true.  SEE THIS SEMESTER.

Today, instead of working at my Historic Reference Self-Portrait and additionally on the Midterm (both for Figure Drawing)…I’ve been writing papers.

More specifically, I’ve been gleaning information out of this blog and out of my Art Journal and noting what stands out to me.  Really, the paper that we’re working on only has to be 1.5 pages long, as regards what we’ve done in class, so far.  Well — I went over a bunch of posts I’ve recorded here, copied over writing samples, pasted those samples into an outline…I’ve got four pages of notations on my working process.

When I went over that with an eye as to what was significant or interesting, I ended up with two pages.  It’s interesting to note what comes up repeatedly — like I kept repeating to myself that I “need to work more in my Art Journal(s)”, though in reality I am keeping up a pretty significant log on my process, here.  It’s just not visual.

I can change that.

Once again, I couldn’t fall asleep until the early morning hours, last night.  The benefit of this is that I was able to map out what I want my next assignment (working in series) to be, which came up while I was trying to sleep.  At this point, I’m ahead of the game on this:  we have until next week to really be set on what we’re going to make the series of.  Right now I do have an understanding of my theme, though I may not post the unedited version, here.

We have to create 6-9 pieces…the theme I’m thinking of, contains six or seven clear images.  Well — actually, not images.  Concepts.  They are related to identity, items associated with those identities, visualizations, and locations.  I’ve got to narrow down what aspects are most gravitating and go with those.  I still haven’t figured out any thumbnails as regards what I’ll actually be drawing and painting, though to be real about it, I’ve only been awake for the past five hours.

I just checked, and the mitre box we have only is useful for wax (for use in lost-wax casting), not wood.  So I have a number of things I’ll have to get…noted in my Art Journal.  Probably the hardest things to source are going to be the backing boards for each piece…I’m told there is a place in the City which is good for low-cost art materials.  Our prof wants us to look for art supplies in places we wouldn’t normally get them from — which immediately got me thinking about brass hardware.

Right now the project is looking interesting, though I don’t want it to come out looking too derivative or…well, yeah:  derivative.  I’m just not sure what dimensions I should use for each piece.  6″x6″ is great for a live area, but I’m not sure if I’ll have to go larger than that intentionally, so as not to cut off needed space (I also have 8″x8″ paper).  In addition, I still have paper which is about 6″x9″, which could also work…again, the problem is sourcing the backing boards.

What dimensions will they be?  Will I be able to cut them down without material more suited for a wood shop?  You know.  Stuff.

Or, I could just try and find some 6″x6″ boards and work with those — I’m sure they would be at one of my art supply places, at least;  and it would avoid having to drive 25 miles to a previously unknown location to pick up cheap supplies.  It seems that it would be more useful to pick up Hardboard than beech wood…question is if my drill can handle drilling through Masonite — and I’m really not sure.

It could also be interesting to work with an 8″x8″ board and cut down my watercolor paper, then paint and punch the paper, then glue the paper down, then drill through the board.  I’m not totally hot on getting hinges — I’m thinking of using brass-tone tigertail wire with my crimp beads to attach each piece to the others.

The major reason I’m thinking on watercolor paper, rather than painting directly on the board (which may end up being easier) is that it’s really hard to get acrylic paint to lay down in a precise manner.  But now that I look at this — maybe I do actually just want to get 6″x6″ boards and attach them together with metal and wire.  Acrylic paint, in addition, is more forgiving than watercolor.  And it may get me to work looser, as versus my signature style, which has become colored pencil on top of watercolor on top of drawings.

Yes, this sounds good.  List of supplies?

  • 6-7:  6″x6″ Hardboard panels (or close-sized in rectangular format)
  • 24:  large brass screws (flat ended)
  • 24:  large brass nuts to fit the screws (tighten from screw head while holding nut still to avoid needing washers)
  • 1:  drill bit to fit the large screws (sizing these will be the hard part)
  • 22:  brass crimp beads
  • 1:  roll of brass tigertail
  • 1:  jar of high-quality gesso (high opacity — Golden?)

And if I want labels on each of these:

  • 12:  small brass screws (flat-ended)
  • 12:  small brass nuts
  • 1:  drill bit to fit small screws (again, check sizing)
  • Mitre box + saw for soft wood
  • 6:  2″-2.5″ lengths of soft wood for labels (gesso and paint)


  • 24 large brass washers
  • 12 small brass washers

I think that will do it.  I already have all the paints I’ll need, though I may want to look into the other mediums which can be added; and detail brushes.

Got to go, though it’s been fun.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

3 thoughts on “Just thinking this out:”

  1. Hi, it’s nice for me to keep up to date with your progress. I drop in from time to time to see how you are doing. Sounds like you did a lot of hard work. Keep it up 😀

    1. Hey Romica,

      Thank you. 🙂 I would try to say more but I’m a bit sleepy at the moment (>_<)…and have work ahead! (At least I get paid for it, this time.) Ehhh…

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