I’m guessing this has backed up over the last 48 hours…

Yeah…the last two days, I’ve been working, which is why I haven’t updated.  No new drawings, today; though it was interesting that M told me that I could do my homework at night (probably especially as I didn’t get home until 8:30 PM last night and tonight, and didn’t get out of bed until about 1:30 PM today and yesterday — for those new to this blog, I’m on two sedating medications, which makes dealing with waking, difficult).

Historically, I’ve had a hard time controlling my sleep schedule.  This is why I don’t want to get home at 10 PM due to classes — but that specific class, which I need to graduate with the Art AA, isn’t given any other time.  To tell the truth, I’m kind of getting sick of school.  Homework, due dates, tests, not being paid, none of the profs coordinating assignment schedules…and what can I use an Art degree for, anyway…


I mean seriously, there’s been some holdup with the AA application process, and right now I’m not even sure my documents will arrive in time for me to graduate.  If I don’t, it’s probably not a big issue — just apply next semester.  But the holdup isn’t even due to anything I did, other than trust that things would arrive in a reasonable amount of time (say, less than a week after they were supposedly mailed, when the thing doesn’t have to go more than 25 miles).

So yes, it’s an irritation.  Especially as the iSchool expects that I will have that paper upon re-entry in Fall.  And no, I don’t especially want to go back to iSchool, either; but there is a constellation of reasons why I think Library work might be a good fit for me.  The largest of these would be:  Equal-Opportunity Employer, HR Department, Government Job, Health Benefits, Female-Positive Environment, Progressive Environment, Information Environment, Ethical Environment.

Of course, though, no job site is ever perfect, I imagine.

I did get to disassemble and reassemble a CD case today, though.  That was fun.  😉  I’m trying to figure out where it was that I learned that they pop apart into at least three pieces, and then just snap back together (at least, unless you’re like my sibling and destroy the hinges when you pop them apart)…but I’m not remembering it too well.  It could have been when I was a volunteer at a closer Library; there were throwaway CD cases, there.

Right now, I’m not feeling too confident at the prospect of becoming a Library Assistant.  The training for that is something that I have close to no contact with — somewhat ensured by the job classification structure — though that will change when I go back to the iSchool.  I’ve witnessed a couple of people I used to work with, move on into LA positions…but they’re both County floaters, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t a workable thing, for me.

I still need to learn to drive, for one thing; for another, I’d need a second car if I did drive.  It’s different if I’m stationed at one Library, and can just be reliably dropped off and picked up.  It’s also pretty hard not to know who one will be working with on any given day — or if they’ll even show up — and working with lots of different people is normal for a floater.

(And yes, I did just realize that I might be [am] more highly educated than some people in ranks above mine.)

Staffing unreliability is not a fun thing to work with, especially when you don’t have a lot of power.  It can become a bit complicated to tell someone who’s knowingly shirking their duties onto you that it isn’t acceptable, when they see themselves as superior, and don’t think you know any better (or don’t think you have any responsibilities other than to do their job [and your job]).  Not to mention that they get paid a lot more than you do.

But then, generally, those people are paraprofessionals, not Librarians…and trust me, there is a large (very…large) difference there.  You only need an AA to be an LA.  You need a Master’s to be a Librarian.

Master’s classes are not the same as Bachelor’s classes.  Bachelor’s classes are not the same as Associate’s classes.  In a Master’s program, it’s like being in an Honors class when you’re used to being in regular-track classes.  Suddenly, everyone’s at your level; you’re no longer the star student; and you have to work really hard just to stay current.

This is not to say that all paraprofessionals in the Library system are like this — there are a number of very competent and honest paraprofessionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with — but I kind of wonder about hiring practices.

And actually, right now, the politics at my work are pretty much a disaster.  I try and stay out of it as much as I can, but of course — everyone expects me to agree with them (not to alienate everyone, but I have my own mind, and I’m not going to cause friction/take a side if I don’t have to).

Right now, I’m just trying to figure out when it would be possible to apply for either a Clerk or LA position, and if I should take a new job with the County if the timing coincides with the timing of my iSchool core classes.  That is — how long do I stay a Student Assistant?

I need a B or above in at least one more class, to stay in the program.  The semester after that is Research Methodologies — where, “you can find anyone to back up anything you want to say,” no longer flies, because we’re concerned with reputable, reliable, accurate, useful information, not just “something someone put on paper.”

After that, supposedly, things lighten up.  And I suppose I should be sure that the MLIS is my ultimate degree aspiration (for now) — not the AA (though the AA would help if I wanted to work for a museum, which would be one version of a dream job for me).


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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