The first day of the rest of your 2 weeks

I got up, pretty much, exactly 12 hours after I went to bed.  I did manage to get some things done and planned out for the rest of these next two weeks (time plotting took place yesterday — today was finding out that my library books won’t be as much help as I’d hoped — I can take the ones which aren’t helping back, ASAP).  The negative point is that I really had to push myself to do things other than rest.

However:  I now have a number of scans which I can use for references for those three assignments which need to be referenced.  The busts are going to be the hard part, though I should be able to check the databases for this.  (I didn’t get started on this earlier, because I felt like I should work in order of assignment and start with the busts.  This meant, not starting.)

There’s a lot of material I could study as regards drawing head, hands and feet, but I’m not totally sure how important it is to know that information.  I’m sure it would help, once integrated, but again…I don’t really like to draw people.  I know there are some whose work revolves around people…I’m not in that category.  At least, not yet.  (Autistic tendencies showing?)

I might as well work on compositing some of what I have done, so I won’t have to do it later.  After all — if I’m working in graphite or black-and-white more generally, it doesn’t matter if I’m working in artificial light conditions, because value comes through relatively well there.  Color, on the other hand, does not.

I’m hoping to make it out to the art supply store (one or both) to pick up some light gray pastels.  Of course, that will be after class, tomorrow.  I have done a bit more research on the Titanium Dioxide thing…which is what scared me away from using Blick’s square pastels before.  However, when faced with the possibility of having to buy at least 9-10 pastels for differing tints and shades of grey, I did look back at them (this is as versus paying $18 [min.] to $30 [max.] for six grey Rembrandts).

Basically, the thing with this is that at the time I got these pastels, they had received a CL (Caution Label) warning sticker on them as regarded the tone, “White.”  There was no indication of the chemical composition of “White” (Titanium White?  Antimony White?  Lead White?  Zinc White?), and so I avoided using them for months.

It didn’t help that there had been apparent multiple reformulations of the square pastels, meaning that at different times, different colors were implicated as dangerous.  I’d honestly rather pay more than risk my health with an industrial manufacturer which is trying to produce things as cheaply as possible.  (Since Blick started integrating shipping charges into their “Web Price Matching,” it’s been difficult to get things in-store at the prices advertised on the website.)

At this point, I have obtained barrier cream, though I’ve never used it.  I suspect that it may not be ideal because of the fact that it contains beeswax — meaning that I may accidentally make unerasable smudges on my drawing.  I suppose I can test it out.

I may…just relent and buy two sets of student-grade greyscale pastels tomorrow, though.  Different brands, different levels of grey.  Blick tends dark; it looks like Alphacolor tends light.  The two of these together shouldn’t cost over $10 (min.) to $18 (max.).

However — if I can get the Rembrandts, I know that theirs is a product which I like (actually, I know I love them) and which produces relatively minimal dust.  My other art supply store has these at a competitive price — and if there is only a minimal price difference, why not get the Rembrandts?  Especially as I actually have some clue as to what is in them, some faith that the company isn’t unnecessarily endangering my health, and I know from experience that they’re less dusty?  (Blick’s square pastels are …pretty dusty, and dust is the main health concern with pastels [though transdermal exposure is the other].)

There is likely only a $8-12 difference between getting the Rembrandts and buying the other two sets together (equivalent to about an hour’s pay).  I haven’t seen the competing store waver much from the prices set by the big-box store; the only question is if they will have everything I need.

And if I want to get the chrome-oxide greys…which I know are trouble, but I can be careful with them…

EDIT:  a quick search turns up “enhanced skin absorption” as a low risk (this from EWG’s Skin Deep website — apparently Chromium Oxide is used in cosmetics…sound familiar?), although skin irritation does occur.  The substance can build up in the body and damage non-reproductive organs.

Yeah…I think I feel relatively good about getting the Rembrandts.  If I need more tones, I can always go to the big-box store, later.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

One thought on “The first day of the rest of your 2 weeks”

  1. Actually, I’ll hit Blick, first. I just took screenshots of all of the different Rembrandt “Grey” soft pastel tones available at Blick, and — I’m not sure if this is true of the other place, but there are a number of sticks missing in the lower value ranges. This is why there are only six. It gets too black, too fast; I’ll try and see if I can find the Alphacolors.

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