Next Tuesday…don’t be sick!

There’s something to be said for setting aside time in which I will not have to think about schoolwork.  I was able to pick up some books which should help me where it comes to my Sketchbook assignments over the holiday; about half of which need to be referenced from someone else’s drawing.  I’ve decided to continue to use the back portion of my AquaBee sketch pad for these projects — I’ve already got the pad, there are enough blank pages to get me started, and it’s quality paper.

Happening Next Tuesday:

The counseling appointment for my AA is set for 10 AM, meaning I’ll have to be out by 9, up at 8, and in bed by 11 PM the prior night; and start getting ready for bed at 10 PM.

I’ve received an email clarifying the clothing/accessories assignment — it’s pretty straightforward.  Modeled, or not, is OK.

I still need to work on my Artist’s Statement, which is what I’d intended to do today (before I forgot my handouts at home).  I can read the material, tonight; possibly get started with brainstorming and writing.  I also have my Writer’s Thesaurus here, if I end up with too few keywords.

I can work on cleaning up my Figure Drawings on toned paper.

Open-book, open-note quiz on Chapters 1-3:  though I should be able to cram in between classes and appointments at school.  Take the textbook.

I need to have some research done on Water, and have at least an idea and a beginning of what I’m going to do.  Granted that I apparently won’t know what I should do until I’ve done some research.

Yes, all of that is happening Tuesday.  Bolded elements are things I really need to work on.

I’ve realized that it’s better to do cultural research online than try and dig through books at the library…unless I go to Central and use their Reference section.  They have a decent-sized collection of esoteric reference materials.

I should get offline and start reading the material for the Artist’s Statement.

I also should get a large watercolor sheet (18″x24″), as this is the medium I would like to use for my last Symbolic Process piece.  I’ve been thinking of working in graphic-novel format to break things up a bit…I suppose that would be risk-taking, yes?

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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