Wrapping up all my demands in a bow. I hope I didn’t miss anything.

All right, so I have the next two weeks to get an AA petition signed, to see a counselor, and to deposit the petition with Admissions & Records.  No wonder the DSPS counselor wanted me to get my hands on the form ASAP.

Coming up on Tuesday, I’ll have to have some work done as regards research on my Symbol project.  I can seek out research materials at work tomorrow and on Saturday — I’ve got lunch hours, both days.  I should be launched by Tuesday, when I’ll have to work in class.

There is also a quiz on our readings, this Tuesday — Chapters 1-3.

That same day, I need to have drawn four (?) pieces of clothing, though to be real about it, I can’t find the assignment sheet for this exercise.  I suppose I can just draw a bunch of clothing?  I’m not sure whether it has to be modeled or not, though.  Like do I draw myself wearing it, or what?

Also that same day, I’ll need to turn in a first draft of a written Artist’s Statement — this is not a big thing for me, but it will take time.

And also that day, I’ll need to be sure to bring in printouts of three artists’ self portraits, which I’ve got already.

And, also that day, I need to bring in at least one finished Figure Drawing on toned paper, for Critique.  I have one that’s pretty close, so I probably won’t need to overly worry about that.

There is something else that I’m missing, here…

Thursday is Watercolor class — I may want to swap out my palettes for this, although I’ve already got an appreciable amount of pigment in the new palette.  A new one of the same type will cost $8, but I’ve already learned that this size is too small for the number of pigments I’d wish to use for my own work…so I might as well use it for class, if it will fit in my tool box with my water cup and paints.  I should note as well that I should probably carry only the paints I have to, so I don’t end up losing too much if my tool box is lost or stolen.

The Tuesday after next, I will need to bring in my final and finished Symbolic Process assignment, plus research notes, for Critique in my Creative Process class.

Thursday after that, for Watercolor, I have no idea what we’ll be doing.

That Friday is the deadline for submitting the AA petition.

One week off:  majorly, no new assignments and no going back and forth to school.

March 29th, the Midterm portfolio is due for Figure Drawing, Sketchbook assignments and all (my sketchbook is currently blank) which gives me a little less than three weeks from today to get everything drawn, photographed, and assembled.  I might want to use the back of my Art Journal from Creative Process for this, as I may be kind of shying away from working on cheap paper.

This is also the day of the Midterm for Figure Drawing, for which I’ll need my Toned paper.  I already have a bunch of this cut up; I just need to remember to bring it, plus my charcoal and chalk pencils, Conté crayons, vine or willow charcoal, chamois, blending stumps, rag, eraser, pencil sharpener.  Basic kit.

April 5th, the Historic Self-Portrait (what we’ll be working on from the Historic Reference printouts) will be due.

Ah, I think that’s as far out as I can reach for now, without overwhelming myself.

My Figure Drawing prof wanted me to email her about my mandala process — she is giving a demonstration of mandala creation this weekend, so I’m guessing the sooner, the better.

She also wanted me to email her to remind her to look up and tell me what her nice square-format mandala paper was.

Tuesday evening after next, I may need to demonstrate how to use watercolor pencils to another student.

I think that’s everything.

What can I work on, now?


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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