Still more straightening…

One thing I forgot, as I was trying to unwind the mess of tangles that is my thought process and list of things to do, last night:  I need to get this petition for the AA out of the way.  I only have until the end of this month, if that long, and I need to see a counselor before then.

Today, a close member of my family showed up by surprise.  So earlier today, instead of working on homework, I had something of a running display going on, primarily of my Figure Drawing assignments — which fill up over half of a newsprint pad, by now.  (I just realized I didn’t show them the bulk of my Watercolor assignments, which I didn’t even think about, but:  next time.)

My watercolor prof showed me the quantity of pigment I should be drawing from, in my paintings.  He used up maybe two-pea-size-globs’ worth of Cobalt Blue, in helping me fix my painting.  I may need to switch my Yasutomo palette out for the one I just bought, which can hold more pigment — the one I was using, he said, was too small.  And, apparently, I don’t need to worry about dirtying up my paint wells by grabbing more pigment without rinsing my brush first:  “it evens out in the wash,” he said.  Nor do I need to worry about leaving brush strokes.

I had been hoping that we would start on brushwork today, by which I mean brush strokes, but it ended up being a lesson in color mixing and washes, taught via still-life.  And I was like AWWW because I hate still-lifes.  It was kind of nice, though, after my prof helped me fix my painting, and it actually looked like what I’d drawn and painted had some life to it.

Originally, I had the colors OK, and the details well, but everything was the same value.  What this means is that if we took a photo of what I’d done, it would be very difficult to see what had been painted via any variations between light and dark.  It would have just all been kind of a light mid-grey.  So I guess that the lesson is, not to be afraid to use the color?

I had been heavily diluting what I was working with so I wouldn’t go too dark too fast, but because of that, I ended up with something that was kind of delicate and light.  It’s something that I noticed in my Creative Process assignment, too — apparently, to get rid of the pastel/faded look, I just have to use more pigment and work in more boldly.

Let’s see:  I’ll have two free days coming up to work on homework.  I actually do have a due date for the Figure Drawing assignment that’s coming up, which is to work on drawing clothing.  I’m not quite sure how my prof wants that done, but I can see if there’s a handout on it.  I have three weeks now to complete my Sketchbook Part I assignments; the good thing is that Spring Break falls in there, and so I should have two extra days just to work.  I haven’t been successful at scheduling these things out, so far.  It would have been easier for me if there had been landmark due dates.

Speaking of which…there are two weeks left for our Symbolic Process assignment, during which I’m expected to be able to integrate outside research into my final piece.  A sketched-out pencil copy should be done by next Tuesday, so that prof says…which doesn’t leave a lot of time for reading.

The good point is that I kind of have been building up to this for a long time, so the cultural associations of Water are things I’m familiar with from a Near-East place and a Chinese place.  They aren’t the same at all; in Tarot, Water is a source of life; in China, Water is very Yin and associated with death, passivity.

Hmm.  Maybe I have the materials I’d need to research this, in my collection, already.  I did move my Tarot materials out of the way, though, as I found them foreign to the point of not being able to use them without switching around the way I thought.  They may be in the room we’re using as a Library, though…I’m sure M wouldn’t let those books be discarded.

Just confirmed:  they’re still here.

I really find the Thoth deck to be…really compelling as regards its imagery, particularly where it comes to the Cups suit; though as I said…it’s foreign, so I’m not sure I’d be able to use that deck very well where it comes to intuition.  (I’ve thought of utilizing the Yi Jing [I Ching] instead, but then I fell off of the whole divination thing, bibliomancy excluded.  I also have a bit of a thing where I feel like I could utilize a pendulum, but that then gets really esoteric, in that weird turn-of-the-century occult “let’s interpret other cultures wrongly,” way…  I was first introduced to pendulum work via Huna, which was the basis of the Andersons’ Faerie Tradition, but I came to know later that Huna is not an authentic Hawaiian practice, more than a reinterpretation [at best] of Hawaiian metaphysics; or an appropriation, at worst.  I’ve heard a Hawaiian scholar say that it is “interesting,” but not a Native Hawaiian spiritual system.)

Ah — got to go.  Will be back.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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