I just feel the need to write, right now; no biggie.

I’ve realized, recently, that I’ve been making a lot of art, and photographing very little of it.  I need to change this — most of all, so my records don’t back up on me and, as at the end of Fall 2014, I end up photographing everything in non-optimal light because I have no more chances for daylight left.  (It was dark and raining, when I took those photos.)

Of course, though, it also helps to bring in new content here, as versus my kind of…circling the new information.

Right now…I’ve just gotten off of social media, where I’ve been reading journal articles on politics, most of which were found by looking through other websites.  It was amazing, as well:  Google’s algorithms are working in some way so that I got a hit from the blog site Feministing when I ran a search on “postmodernism.”  On one device, but not the other.  Strange, eh?  They must be looking at what I read…which can’t help but be mostly my own stuff.

That’s…kind of weird.

I presented my macrame piece, earlier tonight.  My prof seemed to like it.  🙂  I do need to narrow down my symbol, though…and decide what it is about water that I am most fascinated with.  One suggestion was the interaction of light on water, which a prior student worked with.  Not to cut the process of seeking my own answers, short.  Even though multiple people may have the same symbol, their works often turn out entirely differently because of the differing interpretations and relationships each of us have with our symbols.  I’ve also thought of doing something focusing on the coast, or the merging of land and sea and light.

I might want to go back to my original visions…the ones that inspired the project in the first place, and work from those, as versus working from the graphic-novel idea.  Of course, though, first I have to find the bits of my archives which contain this information.  It might be easier to find it online, instead of sifting through years of mostly ambiguously-named soft copies.

(Talk about needing a cataloging system…)

Right now, for me, it’s after 1 AM.  I didn’t take my medicine until about half an hour ago, so I’ll probably be kind of wiped out, tomorrow.  On top of this, I’m wondering about what to do for the next experimental piece…and whether to get brush markers which I have absolutely no hues in (warm red, warm and cool orange, cool violet, warm yellow).  I’m kind of going brush-marker-whacky, though.  Since I did experience this in colored pencils — and glass beads (both of which I have a somewhat bewildering assortment, now) — I’ve got to be sure that I really like to use the medium before I invest in a full spectrum of colors.  I haven’t experienced these pens to dry out quickly, but still, possessing does not equate to using.

My problem is, just, that I love the colors.  Seriously.  It’s like painting, for me, is an excuse to play with the colors.  🙂  Painting, though, is also where I went after I got sick of buying a new marker for every different hue, or blend of hues, or saturation level, or value, or a different size or shape or softness of nib.  It’s much easier (for me) to modulate colors with — even — watercolor, than it is to try and modulate it with markers.  The benefit of markers is that they are consistent (hopefully), and they are portable.  The biggest downside, besides the above, is that they generally are not archival.

I should remember, though — I have more markers than the Pitt pens, and I can use them together.  However, I only expect that the Pitts, Copics (I only have these in cool greys, WHY DID I DO THAT — if you get them at all, get the Ciaos first; you don’t need every single dilution of grey unless you’re seriously working monochrome), Chartpaks (some pastel tints), and Microns will stand up to water.  The Stabilo pens (66 and 88 — or, bullet point and fineliner), I’m pretty sure will not — and the Staedtler Triplus, I haven’t tried.  Though:  even Pitt pens will bleed under a wash, even if they dry overnight, another student told me last semester.  And the Tombows and Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 markers are meant to be water-soluble.

Maybe I should do some experimentation with my markers plus water.  That could be an interesting project, for the morning.  It isn’t like I don’t have enough watercolor paper!  (I got a few different square blocks when I was thinking that I would work at mandalas through Fall 2014.  But if you’re working asymmetrically, there are more interesting dimensions of paper.)

And actually, now that I look at this — colored Micron brush pens (or Copic SP or something, for those hard to find colors) might be better for the tones I’m missing, than Pitt pens.  I might then actually be able to use watercolor over them, instead of hoping to use watercolor over them while knowing that the most basic one bleeds.  Also, all of the hues I’m missing seem to be accents, relatively…

[[I’m thinking of making a 12″x12″ watercolor painting and draping a macrame net over it, for my second project…don’t know how it will turn out.  But it could be nice to wrap some of the threads in embroidery floss, or use perle cotton as the line– or go flat like the piece I did tonight, to display the pattern; though I think I would like to introduce more depth, pictorially.]]

Figure Drawing, today, went relatively well.  I’ve had no pain from my hand, and it was easy enough to wear a bandage and glove to cover my cut during class.  I really need to get on photographing all of those drawings, though.  There’s just so much of it…especially when you’re working on 10 two-minute poses as a warm-up…and that’s just the first 20 minutes out of four hours.

I should probably get going.  The 2 AM mark has been surpassed, and I would like to keep some semblance of being a functional human before turning in…

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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