Thinking more about going into Public Library work.

To be brief: I brought up the career topic at work while we were all waiting to go home.

It’s confirmed that it’s hard to make a living in the U.S. purely as a Fine Artist. Movies, games, and children’s picture books are where one might be able to earn money. I asked about work within museums; the staffing level and turnover rate may be quite low, and the qualifications for positions are uncertain.

I also spoke with one of the Librarians, who agreed to help me seek out a career path so much as she could, within her field. This was…really nice. At this point I am wondering whether I should go into Library Science or Information Science (online/Web-based) as primary fields. I still haven’t taken my technical course, so I’m not sure if aiming myself down an Information Science track will be the best thing for me…Library Science, at least, is something that I have a bit of a grasp on.

That is, I work in a Library, am familiar with the environment, know something about what Librarians do, know something about the community basis of Public Libraries, am aware of the challenges faced by people working in Public Libraries, know something about funding challenges of Public Libraries, and how Public Libraries are generally perceived by their patrons. It is a service environment, but that’s not so bad, most of the time.

It did help to cut off the person who kept bringing up the “sexy librarian” stereotype. I actually didn’t realize how harmful it was to me until I had several years away from them.

I won’t go where I want to go, with that.

So…yes. It is recommended that I perhaps look into Cataloging because of my attention to detail, and if I go into Information Science (online), don’t aim for a job that can be easily outsourced.

The major issue I’m dealing with is being torn between writing, art, Library Science, and Information Science as avenues to invest time within. I can always do my writing and art…Library Science versus Information Science, though? I feel like I need to research the latter two more before I’ll know the actual difference and where I want to be within the field.

I have been feeling a lot safer at work, though, so that is positive. I think that a lot of my feeling unsafe, before, had to do with not knowing when to cut people off (when they insisted on inserting themselves into my life). Maybe I can take it as a learning experience and just not let it get to that level, again.

And, hey — if I do go into Public Library work, I’ll always be around literature, art, different languages, and information related to my multitudinous interests, as well as people who may really be interesting to work with.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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