Just trying to get all of this straight, in my head…

Hehe.  Well, I’ve got about an hour before my brain stops working, so:  little joys.

Yesterday I spent some time talking with a counselor at DSPS, cleared up the error that was causing my Financial Aid not to be acknowledged, then headed over to the art store to pick up things I needed (which I didn’t know I would need).

I picked up maybe $35 in Pitt brush pens, which I have basically been ogling ever since then, though all I really went there for was a pack of 2B black Conté crayons and another newsprint pad — both of which, I needed for Figure Drawing.  I still have to photograph my Conté drawings (and all the other ones).  I’m kind of bad at remembering to mark dates and pose lengths, though…gotta change that.

Today was Watercolor class — no homework there; I completed everything before the Lab was over.  No photos yet — I didn’t think to take them.  We were drawing and painting boxes.  There’s a really steep learning curve here, as we learn how to manipulate the media.  I visibly improved my technique from my first page of mixing charts to my last — I really want to do the first two pages over again, but don’t know if it’s really that important.

I’m also thinking I should get a cheap portfolio (if that can happen) for my 9″x12″ paintings.  I’ve found that I probably will have to restock some of my watercolors before the end of the semester, if I keep painting with thick puddles of paint — it uses a lot of pigment, and I only have tiny tubes.  I’m predicting that my reds and yellows are going to go out first, unless we keep doing monochrome like we did, today.  Phthalo Blue is probably going to be the last one I’ll need to replace.  🙂  It has really high tinting strength.

I finished, finally, my critiques of my two other classmates for Creative Process (though to be realistic, I critiqued three people) and turned that in.  I still have no clue what we are supposed to write about or present on as regards the field trip I took last Saturday.  I now have two assignments that I can work on for that class:  one, which should be a finished piece, due Tuesday night (I have tomorrow, half of Sunday, and Monday to do this).  Two, I have to read Chapter 3 in my textbook — there’s a quiz on Tuesday.  I think that, and additional process work in my art journal (which is why I got the Pitt pens), is all I can do for now.

I want to do something in acrylics or watercolor, but I’m not skilled enough at watercolor yet to actually know what I’m doing.  I did, though, pick up the three major hues that I was missing in Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics:  Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Phthalo Green (Blue Shade), and Quinacridone Magenta.  They’re all luscious, bright colors, which I only had in, basically, a sample pack of Liquitex Basics brand.  I have Ultramarine (Red Shade) already — good for mixing gorgeous violets — so I’m planning on using the Phthalos for greens, if I can.  I’m not sure yet what I want to paint, though, or how to conceptualize what I want to do.  I guess that’s why we have our art journals.

I also have spare wooden panels I can paint on (particularly if I’m doing a diptych or triptych), but I need to know what I’m doing, first.  But that could be nice, eh?  I have a nice range of colors, and I know how to use them pretty well by now.  (I’m sure I’ll know how to use them even better, after I complete this Watercolor class.)  The only issue is that plywood eats up boar hair brushes…I generally end up only using one of these (with the others in synthetic bristle, like the gorgeous white filbert [Taklon?] which I was using as a foundation brush for a while), but still…

I had thought of using pearls for that assignment.  I have enough of them, gah (I have a hobby of making beaded jewelry, and drilled freshwater pearls are relatively inexpensive, here).  Macramé…?  I do have enough fiber to make a kind of rustic-looking net, and both macramé and knitting were at one time sailor’s crafts…

As regards Figure Drawing, there isn’t any homework other than photographing our drawings and working on the Sketchbook assignments — which I should start on tomorrow, if I can’t think of how to work out this Creative Process problem in my art journal, and I don’t want to read.  There is a research part of the assignment as the first entry…and I need to start at least that part tomorrow.  On Monday I can work on my Creative Process homework and start my first Sketchbook assignment for Figure Drawing.

As regards the counseling session…I was really grateful for it.  The counselor recommended “getting myself out there” as regarded my writing, and didn’t seem to think I entirely needed to go to Library School.  Right now the biggest thing I’m dealing with as regards career is trying to get some structure, and Library Science is a clear career path.  (Information Science, not so much — though the possibility is really interesting to me.)

I saw something on TV yesterday which was talking about how the average Millennial starts out with $30,000 in college debt.  And I was like, hey — if I do the Library Science program, I’ll probably have exactly that much when I get out.  But, I’ll have a Master’s, and a career path.  I can always write.  The thing is that if I have to choose between being in Information Science and being in Clerical work for my primary income, I’d probably be a lot better off and a lot happier in Information Science.

But yes; that remains to be seen.



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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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