Well, we have some success at grounding…

Nothing too deep here, this time.  🙂  Probably, thankfully.

I can say that I had a major role in planning, and a minor role in making, dinner.  I think I seeded and sliced up an avocado for the first time in my life.  🙂  (It was magic when the seed twisted out!)  M told me to cut it up like a mango, so we had little cubes of avocado for the soft tacos (which were my suggestion).  🙂  I also washed and prepared the cilantro, and cut up some raw onion to go inside…and picked out the type of beans and rice to go with.

It was really nice.  I usually don’t cook, though sometimes I help.  I think I’d like to help more, though.  It would be good for me, and good for the people I live with.  D thinks that my help saved us about half an hour of time.  I also mentioned at dinner that when I help cook, not only do I get to taste what I’m cooking (which let me know that the avocado was ripe enough), but there is more food that I like to eat at the meal.  The one thing that maybe I should have done, that I didn’t, is rinse the raw onions so they would be less harsh.

I’m still not up to cooking meat — I should probably learn, but I have a feeling I’ll need a dedicated bottle of hypoallergenic soap for the kitchen sink, and need to cut my nails short and use my nail brush, in order to feel confident in doing that.  (I seriously worry about food-borne illness, which has kept me away from cooking raw meat, for most of my years.  I thought that after I moved out, I would want to be vegetarian because my aversion was that strong — but I have kind of learned at this point that sometimes I really need meat.)  After tonight, I’m thinking that I may want to cut my nails short anyway — while I was peeling the onion, the nail on my index finger kept flipping back.  I don’t know why — maybe it’s nutritional, or something.  I haven’t been eating at my best for a while.

I’ve gotten to the point of realizing that my parents are getting older, and actually may need my help in doing things.  I reminded D twice about things that had slipped his mind at the market, today.  This, and a number of instances within the past month, make me think that when my parents go out to shop, it’s probable that I should go with them to help them remember things that they might at one moment remember, and the next, not.  It also helps to have a person to carry heavy things.  Though both of them are still strong, there have been and will likely be more issues related to heavy lifting.

Granted, I didn’t get up and stay up until about 3 PM (I was basking in the last moments of “don’t have to do anything, lalala,” time), but it was nice to help out.

Tomorrow…I’ll have to go to school.  Two art classes.  I’m pretty ready for this program to be over.  There are now nine people — as versus four — signed up for the Art Lab.  I seriously don’t know what’s happening with that, or if it will be viable at all.  For me, it’s an alternative to Watercolor class that would help me stay out of loan repayments.  I don’t expect Watercolor to be easy.  But, it would allow me to get started on that skill set before I go back to my Master’s program.  (That class, and Modern Art History, were the last two I really wanted to take before heading back to Library School or on to another job.)

Library school…is something I’m still planning.  I feel relatively confident in my aims, though I really won’t be able to tell until after I take the technology-oriented core course this Fall.  I did realize that what I’d been talking about earlier on this blog, with things like — in effect — emulators so we can play video games made for obsolete systems — is Digital Curation, not Digital Archives.  I’m still aiming for Digital Archives, though.  Despite the dull reality of dealing with misbehaving people at an in-person Public Library, Digital Archives does look really interesting, and I think a job utilizing those skills would be an awesome job to have (other than negotiating Digital Rights, which looks irritating).

I spoke with one of my colleagues at work, the other day — who didn’t really give me the idea that being a Library Assistant is where I would like to be for the rest of my life.  It actually makes me think that if that were as high as I could go (and it is, without a Library Science Master’s), I’d probably do something else.  I don’t really enjoy managing people, and he said that this is the majority of what he does while at the Information desk — moreso than helping people find materials.

M suggested that I not be a PI (Permanent Intermittent — a County floater that fills in temporary vacancies), as she says I need someplace stable to work at, and not have to guess at what will be happening every day.  Both the person who I spoke with yesterday and one of my past managers (at the time, both PIs) have encouraged me to be a PI, but I also know one person (a PI) who says “don’t be a PI.”  I’m not entirely sure where he was coming from, with that; though I have noticed that there seems to be some friction between employees who work at one branch all the time, and those who float.  Their experiences would probably differ, depending on what kind of a job they do.

I suppose that it’s good, as well, that I’ll be able to have Financial Aid for the next few years, and not have to worry so much about filling enough hours at work…though the four-to-five hour shifts are really sweet.  (M says that most people get tired and weak at about 4 PM, if they’re working an eight-hour day.)  Right now, it’s a really good thing that I’m earning any kind of money at all, scant though it may be — but, we have multiple adults in the house.  We would need the extra income.

I just feel like my time with my parents is running short.  I need to get this Library School thing into gear if I want to do it at all.  I’ll probably end up having to care for them sooner or later; my sibling wasn’t too hot on the idea of helping.  But, if I work in the tech sector or in a Special Library (I’d been thinking of it), that plus what they earn might be enough to pull us through. They’ve supported me and cared for me, this long; and I do love them, so I think I can at least try to return the care.

Right now, I have three main sources of support:  my parents, and my godmother.  I kind of wonder what my family life will be like in the future, but I guess I can figure that out when I come to it.  It won’t necessarily be bad…just different.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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