Fun times?

I have a little time to write, here, so I guess I’ll have a go at it.

Yesterday…was interesting.  I think everything is now set with my Master’s application.  I am not entirely sure what happened; it’s just that I got a little worried, I think, and realized that if I was going to apply, I needed to apply as soon as I could.

And then, there is the fact that I have wandered away from the career search materials, as of late.  I am just not sure quite what an English degree is good for…and I have sunk a lot of time into the job I have.  And, well, time and money into the Master’s degree, already.

I think that looking at the art as something which encourages my linkage to this world is a better way of looking at it than having some kind of concept that I’m on a spiritual mission.  The latter can easily be blown over; the former, can’t.  But I still am intending to continue practicing art…because it really does help me.

Yesterday — during the time in which I wasn’t filling out forms — I was able to clean up both my office and my bedroom.  The office looks tons better, now.  It actually looks larger!  I’m aware that I might not always have the luxury of a dedicated computer room, but for now, it’s nice.

I have, right now, a bunch of records which I need to get rid of, as well.  I just haven’t done it because a lot of it is ridiculously old junk and memorabilia.  Sometimes it’s hard to separate out which is which, or if I really need that Xmas card from 2011, you know?  Or that card game which my sibling gave me…

The bedroom, on the other hand — I know what most of that stuff is.  I’ve also found that one of my storage boxes (the one that is made to fit under a bed) is large enough to fit folded 18″x24″ paper.  It’s nice.

I really still have to work on my archives, though, where it comes to what I’ve kept from school, and past artworks.  Some of it can obviously go out, and some of it…I wonder whether I will need, again.  I did look back in the notebook in which I take notes on what I read — I found notes from 2012, back when I was in the Library program.  So I suppose my note-taking is worth something.

I do think, though, that if I’m serious about wanting to restart that program, I should at least look over, if not read, that which I kind of forgot about after I withdrew, last time.  I don’t have to agree with it — that’s obvious, now — but it would help to be familiar with it.  Plus, I still have all my books, so that’s a plus.

I should get going, now, but the last thing I’ll say is that it really did help to write some of this stuff out last night, privately.  It’s kind of like preparation for writing the official published stuff…

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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