About that naivete thing.

I decided it was worth it enough to try and get into the naivete/reflection thing that my friendship with certain twenty-somethings has been teaching me about myself at a younger age.

So, I have some friends.  Who are younger.  Actually, it’s really quite probable that most of the people I’d consider myself actual friends with, are younger than me.  This is due to my being in community college, and not so much hanging out with older people on a friendship basis.

Well — and — also, in my job position, we get a lot of people who are in junior college the first time around, or in University and hanging on to the income stream.  The way it’s structured, my job at the Library is pretty sweet, if one’s taking a lot of daytime classes.

I also realize, though, that I’m doing a lot of the job of a Clerk, and that I’m just not full-time (I think they even keep us from being, technically, half-time) or dealing with the more technical end of the job.  Nor am I getting paid Clerk-level wages, which would go a long way to having a livable income level.

At this point, I’d rather be selective about where I work, though.  It’s been suggested to me to become a PI (Permanent Intermittent), which would mean that I would be traveling between branches and picking up substitute hours when people are off sick.  However, it’s really apparent that the place and community within which one works has a gigantic impact on one’s experience and quality of life while at work.

I don’t think this would be quite as extreme if I weren’t working with the public.  I’ve heard that if I did get accepted into the County Clerk pool, I would get job offers from around the County, not just within the Library system.  That is a really intriguing possibility.

Anyhow, I started off here, thinking about the naivete I had when I was in my 20’s.  This includes the irritation at being stuck within a capitalist system.  It works if you have enough money; it utterly fails if you don’t.  Basically, the entire time I was growing up, because of where I live — I’ve had nearly constant exposure to the people whom the system fails.  Add on to this my sibling’s concerns about “selling out” and the concerns about the same which I find coming from within the Art Department at my school…and it’s easy to see where I would find my options to be somewhat limited.

I want to make a good living, but I don’t want to exploit people while I’m doing it.  Nor do I really want to be the target of random guy’s random anger.

I’ll continue this a bit later, if I can.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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