Random November update

I decided to check in here after a while of browsing social media, which we all know is a time sink.  Today I realized that enrollment for Spring 2016 was open, and signed up for my classes.  🙂  I’m set to take Digital Printmaking, as the one I have a choice over.

What happened on Tuesday, though…

I had to get a replacement ink cartridge for my printer (so that I could print my readings), which meant a trip to a local office supply store.  One of the people who worked there was trying to be really extremely helpful to us.  D says the guy was flirting.  🙂  I didn’t have a problem with it, because it was respectful, cute flirting, of the sort one does when one sees a pretty youth out with her father.  (Of course, I am generally estimated to be half my age; an effect magnified when seen with parents.)  Anyhow, though…

I was taking a look at the large-bed scanners.  I saw two of them which were interesting, to say the least.  They’re both around $200…and can accommodate scans up to 11″x17″.  This is 4x the surface area, and the correct ratio, to a 5.5″x8.5″ page — half of a standard letter sheet.

That is:  I would scan big, shrink down to sharpen and preserve details, add text on the soft copy, print.  I mean, holy #&%$, can you imagine what a Copic 003 Multiliner’s line would look like, at 1/4 the size?  (An 003, if I’m correct, has a nib width of .03 millimeters!)  I can barely see 003 lines as it is!

I’m thinking that with the Black Friday sales coming up, the prices on these scanners may be slashed, by a lot.  I’ve been trying to figure out — if these things suddenly became less expensive, would I buy one?  I already kind of need to get a new printer because the ink supply for mine seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs…as in, replacement ink is getting hard to find.

Of course, though, next year I’ll need to upgrade Photoshop and start using Windows 10.  Not to mention that we’ll need to update some of the other software, too.


But in accordance with the graphics tangent, I have my cute little proto-illustration-thing which is represented by the blank illustration board…which I really want to get working on, but am having a hard time picking out just one topic from my mind, to work with.  I am scarily aware that I do have the entire kyriarchy tangent brought up by Kate Bornstein’s update, My New Gender Workbook, but realistically, I haven’t read much of that since I first got it several weeks ago.

(This is probably what people mean when they say you can’t be a good writer, without reading!  A lot of tips as to what I could write about, come from my reading, as I can see holes and unaddressed gaps in thought processes, and things I just generally disagree with.)  I really don’t want to be another didactic, self-righteous “what you should do with your life” political author like a lot of people I’ve seen around online, though.  (Like I know what you should do with your life?  How can I know that when I don’t even know what to do with my life?)

There are two other books on my altar table right now.  One of them, I may have mentioned before:  The Heart of the Revolution by Noah Levine.  The other is Vegetarianism:  A Buddhist View, by Bodhipaksa.  All three of these are speaking to changes that can be made in real life, now, towards a better present and future.  With what has been happening with my bodily system recently, though, I have some doubts that I might be able to survive very well without animal protein.  Even though I know I hate the factory farm system, it’s just generally a reality that eating humanely-raised animals is pretty costly, and might be said to be a luxury (which tie economic/income disparity/poverty and class issues, which then tie gender and race [and reproduction] issues, into what would otherwise be an easy choice, granted that one’s body could actually function without meat [not everyone’s, can — look at HH]).

I seem to have a system which is sensitive to sugar inputs…I did speak to an Advice Nurse today.  I’ve been told to try and eat “good fats” and proteins, and reduce refined sugars, so that I might be able to tolerate an 8-9 hour work day without feeling like I might pass out, toward the end of it.  However, that might also just be straight dehydration that I’ve been dealing with; I don’t like to use the bathroom at work, and I’ve been trying to use it as little as possible, meaning I haven’t been guzzling water.

It’s kind of complicated, but maybe I’ll try drinking more water tomorrow and see how I feel.  The lightheadedness usually hits around 15 minutes to a half hour after lunch, and lasts for about 30-45 minutes.  I haven’t been sure of what’s been causing it — blood sugar problems don’t make a lot of sense, because I will have just eaten.  Dehydration makes sense, though drinking black tea at lunchtime also helps…possibly by raising my blood pressure.  (I still need to drink water, though.)  I suppose that low blood pressure can be caused by dehydration…and I’m known for having low blood pressure, normally.

Yeah…I need to pack some sunflower seeds, tomorrow, talking about “good fats.”  This could also be a subliminal reason as to why I keep getting ice cream after work — butterfat is considered a “good fat,” now.  Of course it has sugar, which isn’t good.  But the fat in the cream has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar levels.

I have some more to say on where the final portfolio for Drawing is headed, along with posting the images from last portfolio and working on my portrait painting.  I was seriously trying to do anything but homework today, though.  I got a day off yesterday, and was only able to complete my homework for Drawing today, by spontaneously waking up at 5:30 AM, and then getting up at 6:30 AM to work on it for an hour and a half.  (It works a lot better than trying to stay up late!)

I’ve also been rather happily spending money — new Winter coat, new Winter boots, and an extra toolbox so that I don’t have to dump everything out when I needed (today) to use the little one which carried all of my acrylic paints.  It would be nice not to have to carry so much, yeah? but, I suppose that they are art classes, and we don’t have enough space, for lockers…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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