Preparing for classes to start!

I’m really getting tired of myself not doing any art.  I’m not sure if it’s getting dirty with chemicals that’s the worry, or getting freaked out at what’s inside me, or feelings of responsibility toward what my art inspires, or that it’s actually work (albeit mystic joy fun work), or what.  I’m thinking that it would be nice to get to the base of the issue, but I basically have no hope of that with continuing avoidance.  And, I guess I do have my last meeting with my old counselor, later this week.  This would be a good project to work on with the new person who is taking her place.

It looks like I’ll have the next week off, and then classes restart, so I will basically have to start working at my art, again.  This will likely be nothing but a good thing, especially since I’m only taking one class a day, and they’re both morning classes.  This means that I’ll be able to get started on the art, and then it will likely be easier to continue through the rest of the day.

I’m kind of wondering if I should start working in The Artist’s Way as well, and just continue on with it through the semester.  I just get wary of taking on too much.  I think about things too much, I think.

I think.  😉  I could get up and write, tomorrow, as The Artist’s Way promotes, though that would essentially be starting the program.  It’s not like it wouldn’t be good for me to get an early start, or at the least, write for a while.  Am I concerned at what will come out?  It’s just a free-write.

One thing that’s certain is that it is always easier to buy the art supplies, than to use them.  Even with that in mind, I’m hoping to start putting together a kit, tomorrow (I already have the black and white drawing materials separated into a small kit [I found a pencil box to fit it all into], but it should be carried flat, not on its side).

I’m actually thinking of utilizing some kind of duffel bag this semester, instead of the backpack I used last time.  The backpack is nice, but it may be too nice.  It’s designed for a laptop.  I don’t want to get pastel dust and charcoal embedded in something that I may put an electronic device into.

In my original draft of this, I went on for a while about plans for tomorrow, but then I realized that no one cares but me.  🙂  So I went and did some research, and emailed a copy of what I would have written here, to myself.  What’s surprising is that what I actually want to really get is very modest.  I just have a coupon which can only be applied with $50 or more of a purchase, so I’ve started to think about how I’ll carry all of this, and if I should apply the latter amount to the former.

I have a plan for tomorrow, at least.  But really, the duffel bag idea is looking like my best shot, right now.  It’s probably a better one than trying to carry a hard case full of art materials.  It’s not great riding on public transit with a canvas on one shoulder and a backpack full of paint and a toolbox in my hand.  It needs to be consolidated; it just gets ridiculous, especially when the backpack isn’t full and there’s no shoulder strap on the toolbox and I’m carrying three pads of paper…

Okay, I’ll stop.

But yeah, I’m hoping not to drop too much cash on the start of the semester, this time.  I feel relatively good about that, but at the same time there’s still part of me that wants to buy a few little special toys to celebrate.

I’m just not sure whether to wait for the storage devices, or not (a holder to protect my paintbrushes, and a small pencil case so that I won’t have to take my entire collection in, every day).  I suppose, it depends on what I can find.

But I’m thinking, that sounds good.

The only real pain I’ll have to deal with after this, then, is probably acquiring pads of paper, and canvases.  I’m not sure how much that will run, but if I’m right, there should be an additional sales paper at the store tomorrow, through which I can replace my 15% off coupon.

School actually officially starts in one week…I’m just hoping to beat the rush.

And nothing says I can’t start on my work, early.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

One thought on “Preparing for classes to start!”

  1. Hey Haru,
    all the best for this semester 😀 exciting! Made me smile when you wrote it’s easier to buy art material than to use it. I know! But it does give me some sort of creative kick ^^^
    Have fun 🙂

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