Actually reading, + considering topics for Special Projects: Drawing in Fall…

I am one chapter away from the end of the book Ways of Seeing by John Berger — which was loaned to me some time ago.  It’s a small book on art history which examines the institution of art history, itself.  On Saturday, I finished Art & Fear, still an accessible read, and began The Artist’s Way, which I freaked myself out enough about committing to that I haven’t started doing the Morning Pages, yet — though I do have a place I can put them.

I think it’s a good thing that I have spaces now to place books on loan, which are visible from my computer terminal.  They remind me that when nothing much is happening online, I still have more new things to read…

…speaking of which, I’ve just remembered that I’m in the middle of those two books on color.  In addition, I’ve been experimenting with color where it comes to my latest mandala; I may have to tweak things a bit.  Sometimes things that look good where it comes to lineart become a bit unmoored when color is added…

…and sometimes things that look great in greyscale don’t look so great when color is added.

In addition, working digitally, it’s a lot easier to pick colors which don’t go together, as versus utilizing an overlay of translucent paper, with colors I’d previously picked out as harmonious.  Some manufacturers of art materials seem to go out of their way to produce materials which harmonize well within their distinct lines…Faber-Castell comes to mind; so does Tombow, but the latter I may have engineered myself by color-matching everything.

I’m actually thinking, at this point, of attempting to go rogue with this and not plan it out at all…though, of course, that is probably not a good idea with watercolors.  This is given both that watercolors are probably the hardest media possible to start out with (negative space!), and that I have never taken a class on how to use them, in specific.  I do, however, have both watercolor pencils and watercolor crayons…

I’m thinking that the format of the mandala itself, using the paper-folding technique, is really too stiff to encourage manipulation…which is a reason not to consider this project for Drawing in Fall.  (I didn’t realize how rigid it was until I actually marked out my framework.)  I’ve actually forgotten what my other ideas were…maybe I can search back through my blog.

Ah — if I look under the tag, Drawing, I can see some records of my thoughts.

One thought dealt with going into poetry or prose and then creating accompanying drawings — an idea I got from Kimberly.

Another thought was to get back into meditation and energy work, and try to illustrate what I sensed from my mineral and crystal collection.

The other idea, which I got recently, was to examine the impact of color in my art by making monochrome vs. multicolor versions of works.

My original thought was to make a script for a comic-type project and illustrate it in ‘zine (or illustrated book) format (probably monochrome).

As things stand, the poetry/illustration project sounds at the same time, freest and most direct.  (I can’t believe “freest” is a word — I just looked it up.)  A ‘zine project would be too structured and cut off too soon; the mineral collection project might have me freaking out and freezing up in the middle of the semester (though that might happen with the poetry, anyway).  Monochrome versus color is interesting…but I don’t know what the subject(s) of my compositions would be.

Isn’t it weird that I would gravitate to poetry, when I haven’t taken a poetry class in my life (though I do have a poet friend IRL).  But I suppose I don’t have to take a class in it, to do it.  Plus, those two poems I wrote on this blog got some of the highest numbers of “Likes” I’ve ever gotten for any post (in addition to surprise Facebook shares; positive or not, I don’t know), so maybe I’m not so bad at it.

And hey — if I really wanted to produce a ‘zine, I could do so with the poetry.  I do tend to go on for a while, though — I’m not sure how many people would really want a chapbook of mine.  But…I could do that.  I could even make small booklets which would each contain one poem, if I went on for too long…

Of course, then, I’d have to make a choice between making large illustrations for each poem, or small illustrations to scan, optimize, and reprint.  I think I could figure that out later, though my inclination is to work on large-format drawings.

Sounds good.  2 AM means I should go to bed…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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